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Frequently Asked Questions

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About Elizabeth

I saw a Lady Elizabeth Boyle listed on Google. Are you related?

Unfortunately not. As it is, her portrait hangs in the Duke of Devonshire’s residence at Chatsworth. My good friend Jaclyn Reding was in England visiting a few years ago and was touring the house when she said she felt compelled to turn around and there she found this portrait of Lady Elizabeth Boyle staring down at her. This Lady Elizabeth went on to marry Nicholas, Earl of Thanet. I’ll stick with my Terrence of Grosse Pointe.

Is it true you were once in a bank robbery?

As if my working life wasn’t adventurous enough, yes I was once in a bank robbery. The funny part was, I didn’t hear what the man said when he told everyone, “Down on the floor, this is a robbery.” Nor did I see his gun. I was too busy chatting with the bank clerk about the weather. And then I turned around and walked blithely past the bank robber and out the door. I guess he just gaped and stared after me, stunned that I was ignoring him. I learned all this two weeks later when I came back in to deposit my paycheck and discovered I was lucky to be alive.

What has been your most memorable moment as an author?

There are many, including when I sold my first book, when I won the RWA Rita award, but truly the most memorable was when I was being interviewed for the local paper and they decided to send a photographer over to take pictures of me. We decided to go down to Puget Sound because it was close to sunset and the photographer thought that it would make some great shots. I got out onto a log to make it look like I was standing on the water, and he shot a bunch of pictures, but when I went to get back on the beach, I slipped backwards and fell. It wasn’t a pretty sight, since my dress went flying up over my head and I gave the photographer a lovely view of my panties (according to my husband.) I landed with a splash in the Sound, and wondered as I sank to the bottom, sucking in salt water and seaweed, how long I could stay underwater and avoid the entire scene back on the beach. Needless to say, I had to come up for air eventually, and here is one humble author coming to shore.

Your books are full of adventure and suspense, where do you get your ideas?

As odd as this sounds, from my own life. Before leaving the 9 to 5 grind to write full-time, I worked as a paralegal. Dreary documents? Summarizing dull records? Not in my job. For eight years I worked on reviewing cases of insurance fraud (arson, staged burglaries, and other hinky claims.) I also worked on cases involving allegations of police misconduct and shooting inquests. I’ve been in courtrooms when witnesses have lied and helped trip them up, interviewed murderers, drug dealers and thieves, and hung out in some mean places looking for evidence. Truly, it was a great job, but in the early ’90s I decided I needed a little more adventure in my life and found a new job with a local software firm as a Piracy Paralegal.

I used to joke that “I hunted pirates during the day and wrote about them at night.” But all joking aside, my job actually had some very dangerous aspects, since my responsibilities included going on seizures and criminal raids with US Customs, the FBI and the RCMP in Canada. You really start to wonder about your sanity when you go on a raid with everyone around you dressed in head to toe Kevlar and armed to the teeth, while you are standing there in a wool suit you bought at Nordstrom. I also traveled with a bodyguard, because of the dangerous nature of my work. Believe it or not, these contemporary adventures gave me plenty of ideas for my historical books.

By the way, if you are interested in learning more about software piracy, visit the Business Software Alliance website.


What is the title of your next book and when is it coming out?

Six Impossible Things

Available April 25, 2017

In the sixth novel of the enchanting Rhymes With Love series from New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Boyle, a nobleman falls in love with a beautiful spy he must protect…

Lord Rimswell is a man of honor and absolutes. If he says something is impossible, it is. Yet his life of right and wrong is turned upside down when he finds himself in a compromising situation with the most unyielding, yet maddeningly beautiful, woman in London. If only he had not given in to the irresistible temptation to kiss her. Now he must marry her.

Miss Roselie Stratton is the very definition of impossible—headstrong, outspoken, and carrying a reticule of secrets that could ruin more than her reputation. Kissing Brody is hardly the most ruinous thing Roselie has ever done as a secret agent for the Home Office…nor will she let a marriage of convenience stop her from continuing her work. Little does Roselie realize that she has underestimated Brody’s resolve to keep her safe—for he has hopelessly fallen in love with her and is determined to do the impossible by stealing her heart in return.

You can read an excerpt & order the book here.

What order should I read the Brazen Series?

Click on the covers to read more.

Brazen Angel
Book 1
Brazen Heiress
Book 2
Brazen Temptress
Book 3
The Brazen Trilogy
Bundle (Books 1-3)

Am I correct that NO MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE is your only unconnected book?

You are correct. I wrote this book deliberately leaving no thread undone so I wouldn’t get caught up writing a series that I wasn’t completely committed to writing. I intended the same thing when I began ONCE TEMPTED and look where that led me’the four books in the Danvers Series that then segued into the Bachelor Chronicles.


Are you going to write Orlando's book?

Given that Orlando died of a gunshot wound to the chest in the opening of ONCE TEMPTED it would seem improbable that he would have his own book. But with that said, and after years of being hounded and pleaded with, I have to admit that I am currently plotting a story for him. No publication date yet, but yes, his story will be written.

What is Temple's first name?

Ah, the great mystery of the Danvers series! Everyone wants to know what Temple’s first name is. Let’s just say that if (and that’s a big IF) his father followed family tradition, his first name should be Robert. But that is only if you believe his nontraditional poet father continued the family practice of giving the Setchfield heir that name. Honestly, I haven’t a clue what Temple’s first name is. He stepped onto the pages as Temple, and that is what he’s always been to me. Any suggestions?

No offense, but were these books written out of order? Because I just purchased STEALING THE BRIDE and am not quite sure where it fits in the series.

No offense taken. I wrote the Danvers books as the stories came to me, so there is nothing preventing you from reading the books in any order, as each one is a stand-alone story. But if you like to read your series in what I call “character chronological order,” that is listed below.

Click on the covers to read more.

One Night of Passion
Book 1
Stealing the Bride
Book 2
Once Tempted
Book 3
It Takes a Hero
Book 4
Hero Come Back
Book 5

Are you going to write Kit's story?

Not quite yet. While I mention her unorthodox marriage briefly in STEALING THE BRIDE, I haven’t quite found the perfect story for her. Sometimes stories come to an author and other times they need to sit on the back burner and simmer for a while. Consider Kit on a slow boil.

What happened to Elton and his bride in STEALING THE BRIDE?

Mea Culpa! I had a full paragraph about Elton and his wife in the Epilogue and somehow in editing and page proofs it got lost. So my apologies for not catching it before it was too late. But rest assured, Elton and his wife live very comfortably in a lovely house on the Duke of Setchfield’s estates. Elton still drives for Temple on occasion, since we all know what a terrible whip the duke is. If you still want to learn more about Elton and his early years, you’ll discover an entirely different side to Temple’s valet/batman in SOMETHING ABOUT EMMALINE.

The Bachelor Chronicles

What order should I read the Bachelor Chronicles in?

Click on the covers to read more.

Something About Emmaline
Book 1
This Rake of Mine
Book 2
Love Letters from a Duke
Book 3
Confessions of a Little Black Gown
Book 4
Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress
Book 5
How I Met My Countess
Book 6
Mad About the Duke
Book 7
Lord Langley is Back in Town
Book 8

You mentioned on Facebook that one of your books is going to be a comic book, how did that happen, which book will it be and when will it be available?

This Rake of Mine Manga Characters

This Rake of Mine Manga Artwork by Chisato Nakamura

SOMETHING ABOUT EMMALINE has been translated and published in a two volume, manga style book. The company who originally translated the book into Japanese thought this story and THIS RAKE OF MINE had great potential for manga and began to put the stories and artists together. On the right is a first drawing from This Rake of Mine, and I am so excited to see my characters come to life this way. Believe me, this is something I never imagined happening, but it sure is cool. If you haven’t read THIS RAKE OF MINE, take a peek at the excerpt. To see more about this project, read about it on my Blog.

Now Available

This Rake of Mine, Comic Edition (Japan)
This Rake of Mine, Comic Edition Part Two (Japan)
Something About Emmaline, Comic Edition (Japan)
Something About Emmaline, Comic Edition Part Two (Japan)

At the end of MEMOIRS OF A SCANDALOUS RED DRESS, you introduced us to John Gossett and his unlikely companion, Molly. Will you be writing their story? And what about Nate? And for that matter, Ginger? (Please, can you find her a better husband?!)

I had thought I was going to write these books right after I finished that latest series of Bachelor Chronicles books about the Standon widows’ starting with HOW I MET MY COUNTESS, then MAD ABOUT THE DUKE, but since then I’ve found another series I would like to write. While I love the characters of John, Nate and Ginger’ and yes, I agree, Ginger needs a truly heroic husband’ they are going to have to wait a bit before I tackle their stories.

Aren't SOMETHING ABOUT EMMALINE and THIS RAKE OF MINE part of the Danvers series?

Yes and no. (Don’t you just love that answer??) I meant for SOMETHING ABOUT EMMALINE to stand on its own, however, I just couldn’t help myself and let Temple, Elton and Diana into the story. Then before you know it, I was uncovering Elton’s past and they were right there in the middle of the story. On the Danver’s timeline, SAE takes place just after the opening of ONE NIGHT OF PASSION and before STEALING THE BRIDE. With THIS RAKE OF MINE, you’ll see old Danvers characters in the story, and it’s a Danvers’ adventure in spirit, just not with a Danvers hero.

Have Pippin and Dash from THIS RAKE OF MINE and LOVE LETTERS FROM A DUKE had their own story?

Yes! It was a story I was dying to write. Their adventures began in THIS RAKE OF MINE, and continued through appearances in LOVE LETTERS FROM A DUKE and my April 2009 book, CONFESSIONS OF A LITTLE BLACK GOWN, until their final love story was told in MEMOIRS OF A SCANDALOUS RED DRESS, available now.


Do you offer tips or advice on writing? I'd love to start writing a romance.

Writing is great fun and I wish you the best of luck with your book. As for help writing a romance, I feature writing advice every week on my Blog.

I have an editor appointment and I'm scared to death to pitch to her. What should I do to make sure I don't blow this chance?

I actually talked about this very thing on my Blog. Read about it here and see what other writers had to say on this very subject.

Is it true that your first book was published under rather extraordinary circumstances?

Yes! Instead of being plucked from the slush pile like so many other writer’s who get “The Call,” I won my first contract through a contest Dell Publishing used to sponsor called the Dell Diamond Debut. Authors were asked to submit the first three chapters of a completed manuscript. Several months later, five finalists were invited to send in their complete manuscript for final judging. Finally, at a Romance Writers of America luncheon, with over 1000 people present, my book, Brazen Angel, was declared the winner. It went on to be published in 1997. Sounds simple, right? If only it had been that easy. To learn the amazing story behind my amazing win, visit My Favorite Hero.

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