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Mar 3, 2008 | Elizabeth's Favorites

I’m brushing up on my Jane Austen because I am speaking on her in April at my local libraries (in conjunction with the PBS Masterpiece airings of all the movies) and I ran across this. I found it rather vexing that anyone would find it intolerable to watch all six hours of P&P. Really, why would you have friends like that?

So I have to ask, did any of those sound familiar to you? Seeing that I was called “Lizzy” as a child, I don’t find it odd at all that one would want to be called that. But I suppose if your name was Kit or Mary or Haven it might be viewed as slightly odd to suddenly want to be called Lizzy.ย  But then again maybe not, if it were Mr. Darcy following it up with a, “Ah, there you are, my dear sweet Elizabeth.”

Well, a girl can dream.

BTW, Happy Birthday, Kit. A day late. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Margaret Garland

    Too funny, Elizabeth. Just a weekend ago, I spent all Saturday afternoon watching P&P. And loving every minute of it. I’m not sure I’d do so far as the owner of the web site, but I do enjoy the show and watch it every so often when I need a Darcy fix. I didn’t care for the movie version. Nobody can beat Colin Firth. Not even, I’m sorry to say, Lawrence Olivier in his prime. Altho he was close.


  2. Keira Soleore

    I watched a re-run of Persuasion last night and sighed in pleasure. Here’s what a friend had to say about it: “I bet yours was boring, with lots of talking. I honestly don’t know how you can stand the “subtle social stress” flicks.” Diferent strokes for different folks. Honestly, how boring ‘twould be if we all liked the exact same things. So I say, let’s enjoy watching those Jane Austen movies and talking about them only with people who are just as fond of her and her work.

  3. Elizabeth

    Keira, I tried to watch it again, tried to like it, but I honestly couldn’t! I just didn’t like the actress who played Anne (she looked too young to me) and I found it completely stiff. Persuasion is one of my favorite Austen’s so I suppose I am being persnickety, but I just couldn’t like that version. The other version of Persuasion is so much better.

  4. Haven Rich

    You would be correct in assuming I’d have no problem being called Izzy, so long as Mr. Darcy was hot on my heels hehe. Otherwise, I might have some issue with it, not likely though, considering what my pet name is from my husband.

    I did get a small kick out of being called Mona this past Friday at a docs office though. Trust me, that was a first!

    And for the record, I can put my hair in three types of Regency hair styles. I had to do it for another reason, completely unrelated to watching P&P. Really, I swear!

  5. Christina Arbini

    I’ve loved that PBS has been showing the Austen works. I just watched Persuasion on Sunday night. For as much as I enjoyed it, I do still favor Pride and Prejudice and Northanger Abbey best. ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Kit

    Aren’t you sly. Thanks for thinking of me ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Diane O'Neal

    I didn’t realize til now that I have a two friends named Elizabeth and Darcy… Did you two?

    I’m having Chick Flick night at the Embassy club and one of our flicks is Persuasion (the older one). My 1st film choice is The Women by Clare Booth Luce, a film about gossip and men…but has absolutely no men in it!

    Canberra is a lock! I’ll get there in early October (be home in Sept!).

    Diane in Islamabad

  8. Laura

    I thought Rupert Penry Jones was divine in Persuasion.

    I enjoyed the Austen movies on PBS.



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