Linkage, Reminders and a Contest

Jul 28, 2008 | Adventures & Travel, Giveaways, Freebies, & Contests, Writing

I’m a little rushed this week as I get ready to go to the Romance Writers of America conference in San Francisco, so here are some quick links for all of you that I thought I would share.

If you are going to the conference, then check out these:

1) Map of the area. Niki Burnham sent me this link and it is fabulous. Click to go to the Union Square neighborhood, and then click on the link that says “Map”. You’ll get a pdf file of the neighborhood, the sort of detailed map that tells you all the shops, restaurants and sights within walking distance of the hotel. I’m doing like Niki and printing several of them to take along.

2) If you are pitching a project to an agent or editor, here is the link to my blog from last year, The Sure Thing. Read it before you go and save yourself a lot of stress over these appointments.

3) Don’t forget to drop by the autographing on Wednesday and say “hi!” All the details are on my Events page. I’m also speaking Friday at 11 am on Writing for the Historical Market, and on Saturday at 2pm with my husband on The Plan: Project Planning for Writers.  Please stop by and and fill up those seats.  Nothing worse than talking to an empty room.

If you aren’t going:

1) Then you’ll want to do one little thing for me and win a free book. There is going to be a live, call-in radio show from conference on Friday afternoon (3:30 Pacific time, 6:30 Eastern time) hosted by Michelle Buonfiglio of Lifetime TV’s Romance: Buy the Book. I’ll be answering questions along with fellow Avon authors, Jenna Petersen, Sophie Jordan, Lorraine Heath, and Gayle Callen/Julia Latham. All the details are on Michelle’s blog, under the posting Lock and Load. But before you rush over there, I’d like to ask all of you to call in and pepper me with great questions (hopefully about my new book)because everyone of you who gets through and gets a question on air for me, open your question by introducing yourself as someone who reads my blog and I’ll send you a free autographed book. If you can’t get Michelle’s site to load, the phone number for Friday is: (347) 826-9686. Call and win!

2) Come back on Thursday and you’ll find my reviews of a bunch of movies (in the theater and out on DVD) that I indulged in this past weekend. Most of the boys were out Cub Scout camping so it was a girl’s weekend to watch whatever this girl wanted. (When you live in a house of men, having control of the remote is a rare and privileged moment). dFind out which movies made me cry, which one made me cringe and close my eyes and the one I can’t decide whether to call a guilty pleasure or just cringe over it. I might be out of town and away from my computer, but I never run out of things to say.


  1. Abi

    I can sympathize with living in a house of men. I’m training my son early to put the seat down…

  2. Elizabeth

    Oh, yeah.
    1. Put the seat up.
    2. Come to the table with a shirt on.
    3. No drinking out of the milk carton.
    4. No “pull my finger.”



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