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Nov 24, 2008 | This & That

The big one is coming. Yes, that one. Getting Thanksgiving dinner on the table by Thursday. Before midnight, hopefully. I say this because the DH has decided he will cook Thanksgiving. It all began when I started talking about all the work that goes into cooking Thanksgiving, and he scoffed saying how easy a turkey dinner is to make. So I shot him the skank eye and made a big “harrumph.” To which he said, “Well, then I’ll cook Thanksgiving.”

Now that would be cause for celebration if it meant he will actually be cooking Thanksgiving, because here is how it is already going and it is only Monday. For you see, he is already “cooking” by telling me what he needs from the grocery store and what I need to get ready for him.

“Honey,” he says, “make sure to make the relish and the pie crusts ahead of time for me.”

“Sure, Sweetheart,” I say, wondering how this is making it so easy for me.

“And I’ll need you to make the pies that morning.”

“Will you now?”

“Well, yes,” he says in that managerial voice of his. Gads, some days I pity the people who work for him.  “Because I’ll have to make the stuffing and the turkey!”

You can see immediately how that might overtax a poor person. A man person, that is. So this week will probably continue along those lines and as we all sit down to dinner on Thursday, I am sure he will take credit for the entire meal and declare it easily done. Hopefully I won’t be holding the carving knife at the time. Then again, I hear leftovers work well for a wake.

Sides? Did I hear some of you saying sides? What are your favorite side dishes on Thanksgiving? Mine? Fresh cranberry relish and stuffing. Yummy. 


  1. Melissa Mc

    Take pics of anything he makes, please!

    My faves are cranberry relish (which I make since my mom just buys the can stuff) and sweet potatoes which I’ll be making this year, too, since me and my dad are the only ones who love them and miss them if they’re not on the table.

  2. Lois

    Stuffing, definitely the stuffing. Sometimes I think we just have the turkey there so we have something to put the stuffing in! 🙂


    PS – Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. therese

    LOL! A man who delegates is going to do the meal? Anyone else see the irony? I’ve got one in my home too.

    Our stuffing includes sausage, mushrooms, celery, onion, garlic and chives. My sides include mashed potatoes, veggies, cranberry sauce (Whole Berry), and giblet gravy. Not a big deal. It’s the other stuff, the snacks, garnishes, and appitisers.

    My desserts include a Mrs. Smith’s Dutch apple pie, and homemade pumpkin pie.

    But it will be a small feast in my house this year. The turkey is only 13 lbs and we might not need all the folding chairs…

  4. Diane O'Neal

    Apparently turkey is like $5.00/lb in Oz, so its chicken for me! If I’m able to get home for Christmas next year I’m asking for turkey instead of the prime rib they usually have. My sister makes a fabulous cornbread stuffing, and last year she roasted potatoes and carrots with the turkey, there were amazing.

  5. Jamie

    Yes! We need pictures of his results — or yours because like a man, he will back out and yes, take all the credit.

    We went shopping for Thanksgiving yesterday and the grocery store was PACKED!!! My sister helps out with the shopping and the meal. I am working this Thanksgiving, so I get out of everything, PLUS I get double time at work.

    My favorite sides are cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and I like baked sweet potatoes better than the frozen type with the sauce. No green bean casserole for me, please. For dessert, I LOVE Pumpkin and Pecan pie. Besides having the turkey with the cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes, nothing beats home made pecan pie! My mother makes it so it is like candy. I should try to make it myself to see if I get the same result.


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