Yes, that’s right. The excerpt for How I Met My Countess is up, which also means it won’t be that much longer before the book is hitting the shelves. If you read it and love it, will you do me a favor? Hit one of the social networking buttons at the bottom and share it with your Facebook and MySpace friends. You never know who amongst them might be starting to think about what to get you for Christmas. Just sayin’ it’s always nice to make it easy for them.

And along with the excerpt, there is also a very special and very FREE downloadable on the site as well. Yes, this is it, a 2010 calendar (scroll down to the bottom, it really is there) featuring the all too lovely cover from How I Met My Countess and designed by the lovely team at Waxcreative. A big blog shout out over to the team! They did a fantastic job. And again, this has social sharing at the bottom, so please share! I mean it’s free. It’s right there. It’s downloadable. Your friends will so glad to have their new calendar, maybe you can talk them into ordering both my 2010 books for you.

What’s that? Two books in 2010? Yes, you heard that correctly. While they won’t be back to back. Come on now, no complaints. Back to backs are killer to write. But think of them as nice bookends. One for the New Year, and one for the end of September, when you need a little boost. The second book, Mad About the Duke, is turning out to be hilarious good fun to write. I just love having Mad Jack Tremont back in a book, and the hero is none other than his brother, the Duke of Parkerton. You know, that stiff-necked all too proper brother of his?  Let’s just say I am having a blast unraveling his cravat.

Oh, and if you haven’t had enough of me yet, after you’ve read the excerpt, linked it to your favorite social sites, downloaded your calendar, reminded all your friends to do the same, then what else could there be? Well, enter the new Contest that’s been posted. And when you’ve got that ticked off your list, don’t miss the one last goody I almost forgot. There’s a brand new family tree up, featuring all of Thatcher’s Sterling relations.

So whew, that’s a lot of serious surfing and reading and clicking and checking out to be done. What are you waiting for? Get to it.


  1. Sarah

    Easily confused I am, does How I Met My Countess count as a 2010 release? or will there be another release between How I Met My Countes and Mad About the Duke? I can be patient (when will you write more Marlowe books?), I do prefer not to wait.

    • Elizabeth

      I laughed when I read your question, because I suppose that doesn’t make any sense to anyone other than those in publishing. You see How I Met My Countess is a “January” book. Which means it will come out the last week of December. Makes sense, Huh? Drove me crazy when I first started selling. So in publishing, I have two books coming out in 2010–January and October. Which means they come out the end of the preceding months. Good spot!



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