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Feb 16, 2010 | Around the Web, TV, Movies, & Good Reads, Writing

I think all writers have their own same three questions that come in daily. And I thought I would save everyone a lot of trouble and just answer them today in the blog. So in no particular order, here are the three questions that I get asked frequently:

Question No. 1: Will you write John, Ginger and Nate’s stories?

This has to be the most popular question that I get. And the answer is “Absolutely.” There seems to be a moment as a character comes to life on a page that as an author, you just know that they will need their own stroy. I knew that immediately with Dash and Clifton as I was writing This Rake of Mine. Especially with Dash! His character kept arriving in my stories, more insistent and more demanding with each book he appeared in. As for Clifton, his story shifted and changed and eluded me for years until I came up with the character Lucy and the idea for How I Met My Countess. And then I knew I had hit on the perfect, ahem, lady, to bring the light back to his broken heart and battered life.

As for John—I think it is obvious he needs to discover his heart (and his Dashwell tendencies) with that scamp Molly. She’ll lead him on a merry chase. As for Nate—he needs to fall and fall hard—just like his father did. As for Ginger, while she is currently married to a fuddy-duddy lord in Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress, things can change. Thankfully, I have no morals when it comes to killing off inconvenient husbands.

Question No. 2: Are you going to finish the Marlowe series?

Oh, I hate this question. Not because I don’t love the Marlowe series—His Mistress by Morning and Tempted by the Night—which I do, more than you can know— but because the answer is so difficult to write. The further I get from that series, the nearly impossible it will be to get it approved and finished. Every time I broach it with Avon, I get this sort of dead air sound over the phone—like “did she just mention that again?” The problem being that some readers just love Paranormal and others just love their Historicals, but put the two together and it is about appealing as strawberry jam and licorice mixed together.

And there is a very small but vocal number of readers who just HATE combining the two. Hate it with big capital letters and long loud emails to New York complaining about it, while with their other hand they are typing rabid posts on Amazon. The squeaky wheel syndrome. I have tried to wage my own counter campaign—because I do get a lot of supportive emails about the series (much more than the negative) and I pass them alone to my editor and agent as proof that the series (which BTW, sold well, thank you very much) would be beloved if it was allowed to continue. I won’t give up fighting for you lovers of magic and true love, and I have yet to give up.

Question No. 3: What happened to your Footnotes that you used to have with each book?

I got this question for the first time about three months ago and since have gotten it about three more times. Surprising, because I discontinued doing the Footnotes several books back. (See this example from Love Letters from a Duke.) Honestly? I quit doing them because no one was reading them. If you don’t know what they are and you didn’t miss them, you aren’t alone.

After studying my web stats over a period of time, I realized they were getting hardly any visits. And since they took a lot of time, money and effort to put together and have the pages built, I just couldn’t justify all that if no one was reading them. They are fun and interesting, but I would rather put my time into writing pages people will actually want to read—like the ones in my next book. What two pages are the most popular on my website? The Bookshelf and Coming Soon. Which is another question I get frequently: What’s next?

Any other questions?


  1. Jamie

    It’s a bummer about the Marlow Series. While they were a bit different, I thought you made the series really interesting. You didn’t make it feel I was reading a paranormal romance. The characters (like ALL your characters) popped off the page like they were real and THAT is what makes a good book. If you think about it – vampire novels are historical paranormals because even IF the vampire is living in the 21st century, he is 200 or so years old and when you talk about when he was “made” you are doing historical.

    So, add me to those who want the Marlowes. And THANK YOU for the info about John and Ginger!

    • Desiree

      I agree with Jamie, I loved the books and was really looking forward to reading more of them. I know other authors that combine both in thier writting as well and I truly enjoy them. I love your books, they give me something to get lost in for a little while. I look forward to hearing Nate’s story, I have this picture of him in my mind and would love to hear his story told. Thank you for all of your wonderful books, they are all a pleasure to read.

    • Elizabeth

      Thank you so much for all your kind words about the Marlowes. I love them dearly and hate leaving them in flux. But it is a paranormal series, so you never know where they may pop up. πŸ™‚

  2. sheryl

    closure,we need it with the marlows, readers hate to be left hanging in a series,maybe everyone needs to wrote avon, anyone have the address? i love historical romance but the paranormal give me that 20 book break so i can gear back up?love your books mrs boyle

    • Elizabeth

      As a writer, I hate leaving them hanging as well. They tend to rattle around inside your head until you get them out. πŸ™‚

  3. Lily

    I’ll sign a petition for you to continue with the Marlowe series. I do not really like paranormal stories but your stories do not read like that as the paranormal issues do not interfere with the characters’ development nor do you use it as a crutch. Sheryl is right, we need closure, please let your editors know that we are all anxious to have you continue this series.

  4. terri

    Well, I just finished Tempted by the Night (I knew there were a few books of yours I hadn’t read yet – as soon as I realized this was one, ran out and nabbed it!) and think I can shed light on this issues. πŸ™‚

    The Marlowe Stories need to be marketed differently. Elizabeth Boyle writing as Liz Boyle! Magic and Mayhem ensues!

    Seriously, it’s an awesome book and I really want to know more about all the other worlds, the twists and turns. Of course I’m sort of fascinated by the darker world and the potential of Melaphor (who you killed off and sealed up tightly) and Quince, and…

    Hmmm…. You’re young. Your boys are still at home. There’s time for the mystical side of Liz Boyle to be unleashed into awesome stories. How fun! Decades of stories to come!

    • Elizabeth

      I had never thought of doing them under another name. Time to dust off my alter ago.

  5. Sarah

    I HATE PARANORMALS (those vampires are so unrealistic…or maybe it is people putting vampires in the present that makes it unrealistic; in my mind paranormal = vampire)! But I LOVE the Marlowes (as evidenced by most of my posts on this board). Love them.

    To be honest, I didn’t and don’t think of the Marlowes as paranormals. Maybe a sci-fi/fantasy historical romance. _His Mistress by Morning_ was alternate reality/time travel and _Tempted by the Night_ made me think about _The Hobbit_ and middle earth.

    At the very least you should force Avon to let you write the remaining 1-3 books (I must know about Griffin and Mary (they do end up together right?) and his time machine, Viola and Cordelia would be a plus). Closure is very important to a reader – for example there was an author who planted seeds in two of her books for a third character, but she never wrote the book for the third character (or she put it on hold). Now that it has been years since i stopped reading the author because of that mistake, I don’t remember who this author is or the original books so I can’t follow up.

    If you could somehow sneak the remaining Marlowes in before your next set of The Bachelor Chronicles (as I am quite looking forward to John and Molly) or in between, that would be great. If the Marlowes sold well, that should be all that matters. Do a slightly smaller print run or if you are well enough more promotions if they need to(I know nothing about the publishing business, I just want my Marlowes).

    • Elizabeth

      I have to admit, I am not a huge paranormal fan. I love Lara Adrian’s series, but it more urban fantasy than vampire. But I loved writing about the Marlowes.

  6. Dahlia

    I have to admit that I’m not a fan of paranormals or vampires – don’t read them, that is until I met the Marlowes!! Absolutely love them and kept checking your coming next section to see when the next member of the family will meet their match. The thing I love about your writing Liz(!!) is your characters and the Marlowes are no exception, you almost make me believe in the paranormal.

    Please keep fighting for them, they are begging to be released onto us unsuspecting mortals – besides vampires seems to keep growing in popularity, even on my TV!!

    • Elizabeth

      I know, the vampires seem to be everywhere.

  7. Angela

    I love the Marlowe’s too! Tempted by Night was the first Elizabeth Boyle book I ever read. I loved it! I don’t read paranormal and so I was nervous before I started it that I wouldn’t like it, but I really did. Count me on the list of supporters for more too! πŸ™‚

  8. Julie

    I agree with everyone else!!!!

    You have to finish the Marlowes!!!!

    Who do I need to write? πŸ™‚

  9. Pam

    I agree wholeheartedly with all of the posts regarding the Marlowes. Ugh… we need closure, I enjoyed getting to know those characters so much, and although I am also not a huge fan of paranormal, this was a refreshing change in the typical romantic storyline. Send our emails to your publisher – the fans need another Marlowe story

  10. Eva

    Elizabeth- I’m very curious about the Dannvers series. I’m not much for paranormals but I’d LOVE to read Orlandos story!!!!

  11. Karen

    I am another fan of all of your books who is waiting for a book for each of the Marlowes. Will they find the other protectorsCould one be the perfect match for Viola or Cordelia?

    Griffin and Mary should be together.
    Of course he did find a bit of silver. Could there be enough to make a wish? I hope to find out soon.

    Please tell your publishers that there is a waiting consumer willing to buy these books.

  12. Jayne

    I want Orlando’s story from the Danvers books. They were my favourite of yours.Are you going to write it. i didn’t enjoy The Marlowe series

  13. Connie Bradish

    Well, it’s 2014 and I have just discovered you. Ordered as many books as I could on Amazon and am on a marathon read. Read the two books in the Marlow series and am horrified (fits right in) that you have been unable to finish the series. I think you need three more books (Griffin, Mary and Viola). I am especially interested in the Viola story. How and why can she see Quince and Milton? And what exactly is the Queen and kingdom that the Paratus (Rockhurst family) made a contract with? And who are the skilled and ancient warriors (I assume Rockhurst is one) of the four corners of England? Too many loose ends and a great story to be finished. While I am not a particular fan of paranormal, this story line is quite interesting and entertaining. Add me to those who want you to some how finish this series.

  14. Connie Bradish

    Correction: The three books would be Griffin, Cordelia and Viola.

  15. Wendy

    Add me to the list who would love to read more of the Marlowe series…. Just re-read them this weekend…. and it feels like that was just part one of a movie…. need more please……



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