And a Happy New Year!

Dec 29, 2010 | Elizabeth's Favorites, Writing

My friend Jenifer posted something on my Facebook Fan page the other day that really got me thinking—I mean really thinking and mulling and plotting and planning. She said: …I make sure I knit a lot on New Years day because “they say” that whatever you do on NYDay you will be doing all year.

What a cool notion! Ever since she posted that, I’ve been rethinking January 1st in all kinds of different ways. What do I want to be doing in 2011? There are any number of areas in my life I would love to focus on in the coming year, and so my January 1st is going to get carved up to fit them all in. But it isn’t just the first day of the New Year that has me pondering, I have also been thinking about why I want to do these things and how it is I can make them

into a priority in my daily life throughout the coming year.

So here is my tentative list for Saturday:

  • Begin my new series. Which means opening the Scrivener file and getting it set up, organizing my working notebook for both the book and the series, pull the books I think I need for reference, put together the writing plan aka The Schedule, and finally, get my notes together so I can sit down Monday morning and start at the pages.
  • Do the same for a story idea that has captured my imagination. Not a romance, unlike anything I’ve ever done. And I must write it, even if it is only on the side.
  • Go for a walk and do a yoga tape and/or, weather permitting, ride my bike. All are big priorities for the New Year. They probably should be at the top of the list since they are also doctor’s orders.
  • Spend time with the DH and the kids. Just doing the family stuff that helped us all connect so beautifully over the last year.
  • Cast on a new sweater—one in which I will have to stretch my knitting skills—by taking off from the pattern a bit and adding steeks to the designs. Love learning new skills.
  • Clean out one area of my house. We started this before Christmas—completely uncluttering, cleaning and redoing two rooms in our house. Now the rest of the house is crying out for this sort of face lift. I’m not talking about doing an entire room in one day, but pick a closet, a drawer, a space and just clean it and organize it. It would be wonderful to go into Christmas next year with an entirely redone interior.
  • So now that I’ve set this out, what are your thoughts? What are you going to dedicate time to on New Year’s Day that you want to be doing all of 2011?

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    1. Cathy Stewart

      Hello Elizabeth,

      Thanks for this posting! I love you sense of humor. I was just exploring your website after having discovered your writing. I just read a couple of your books for the first time ~(Thanks to my new Kindle). What can I say except “WOW, Strong work!”

      I agree with your friend about the New Years Day notion, and have found it to be true. It may smack of being a bit self-fufilling as I try hard to be home with family and friends on that day above all other distractions. Not so sure about the housekeeping priorities. It has ben a might ‘nip here in Florida so the sweater sounds like a great idea.
      You have a new fan / follower and I look forward to reading more of your work – thanks for the storying telling art.




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