Third Place Books Signing

Jun 2, 2011 | Adventures & Travel, Elizabeth's Books, Friends, The Standon Widows

First of all, huge props go to Stefanie Sloane who organized this wonderful event. As Julia Quinn and I joked, nothing would have happened—not the food, the flowers, getting the word out—if Stefanie wasn’t the world’s most organized writer. I will only take credit for picking up the incredible and beautiful cakes from Bakery Nouveau, which was a task I was assigned based solely on the fact I live in that part of town.

Everything was ready and waiting for us. From our books:

To lots of Lord Langleys awaiting good homes. Doesn’t he look entirely lonely and in need of adoption? Luckily there were plenty of takers and hardly any left.

All we had to do was show up. Here we are, me, Stefanie Sloane and Julia Quinn.

Ready for questions and to sign our hearts out.

I think the real star of the evening was the food. The food deserves its own post! It was so gorgeous and delicious.

Love these cakes!

But mostly, I loved all the beautiful fans, readers and curious who showed up and greeted us with such wonderful enthusiasm. Thank you very for being the true stars of the evening. You reminded all three of us how lucky we are and how much you mean to us.




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