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Jun 13, 2011 | Giveaways, Freebies, & Contests, Good News

Recently, a clerk in the store was truly helpful and just wonderfully nice—this doesn’t always happen when you shop and have a child with autism, so I made a point of finding the manager and telling them what a fine job the clerk had done. To which the manager said:

Really? I never hear anything nice—I thought you were here to complain.

That sort of set me back. No kidding? No one ever takes the time to say something nice, but they will go out of their way to complain. Her confession really bothered me.

When I mentioned this to a writer friend, she made that inelegant old lady snort that I love to write about and then went to slap me on top the head and asked, “Don’t you ever read the reviews on Amazon?”.

Oh, yeah. Forgot about those.

I wonder about a Society where we will go out of way to complain, vent our raw opinions publicly, or consider snark as witty and not see or weigh the meanness behind what is labeled humor if only to mask what it really is. Apparently being nice or gracious in our Society, is like the scene in the movie Hancock where the public relations guru is trying to teach Hancock manners and poor Hancock can barely get out “Good job!”

Shouldn’t we be taking the same amount of time (and I would argue more time) to say Thank You? Or rather, Good Job.

So here is my EB Blog Monday Contest: Shout Out Monday

How to enter:
1) Leave a comment below with a short review of a book you’ve loved lately or a shout out to someone or a business that has gone the extra mile. Or if you have given a happy review lately, share the link in a comment below.
If you are reading this on Facebook, you can only enter at my actual blog. Facebook does not allow contests via their site.

2) Tweet your shout out with the “#SOM” (Shout Out Monday)

3) RT one of my tweets about this contest.

I’ll give you all until midnight, PT, Sunday, June 19th to come up with your Shout Out and get your entry in. Oh, and I think this is worthy of multiple entries, so enter as many times as you like!

PRIZE: A bookbag with some wonderful autographed books and some other signing goodies. Make sure to check back here next Monday to find out if you won.

Last week’s winner of the Dream Booksigning Contest is: Melissa Cahill, who left comment #17 on the blog. Please contact me with your address before 6/20 and I will send along your prize.


  1. Laura T

    I read at least three historical romance novels per week–I’m just voracious. Last week, I gave particularly high marks (4.5/5) to FOLLOW MY LEAD by Kate Noble.

    Summary: Lord Jason Cummings, Duke of Rayne becomes involved with 30-year-old bluestocking Winnifred (Winn) completely by accident. Since the death of his father and inheriting the title/responsibilities, Jason has finally decided to marry at the age of 30. Unfortunately, he finds it difficult to choose from among the tedious debutantes he has met because they all bore him to tears. Bumping into Winn (literally) he finds himself assigned to escort her (and two others) for the first leg of her journey. When Winn intentionally attempts to elude her escorts, he (again, accidentally) finds himself escorting her alone.

    During their adventurous journey, Winn and Jason find themselves stuck together traveling through Germany and Austria to find the evidence to support Winn’s claims and thereby gain her admission to an exclusive art club. During their forced closeness, they resist the growing attraction to one another while they evade the pursuit of George (who is determined to force Winn into marriage).

    Review: This relationship developed much more organically than most HR. In fact, Jason was at the point of becoming engaged to someone else when he and Winn met–and that previous commitment/relationship must be dealt with upon their return to London.

    Ms. Noble’s stories are witty, light-hearted and very romantic but not raunchy. She’s a relatively new author who is quickly gaining acclaim.

  2. alisha woods

    I am an avid reader at least 60 a month mostly historical. So thank you for all of your hard work so I have great stories to read.

    When my cousn was alive we used to get looks from people because she would start coughing uncontrollably and we would go on about our business. She had cystic fibrosis and this was an everyday occurance for us and there was nothing short of laying her over our lap an punding her back that would help. It is like the ol adage don’t judge me til youhave walked a mile in my shoes.

  3. susan knight

    I give 5 stars to Never a Gentleman by Eileen Dryer.It was such a good book with all the elements I love. A heroine that “isn’t pretty”, but the hero loves her in spite of himself.Danger that keeps them apart. And lots of steamy sex.

  4. Shanna Clemens

    I won’t have time to tweet and everything but I did want to comment on what an amazing and thoughtful gesture this is!! In additon to reading everyday I run a facebook page and blog dedicate to all the books and authors out there 🙂 I’d like to take time to thank Gracen Miller, Kristine Cheney, liz Borino, and especially Holly Hood for the amazing books they write and things they do for me to show their support and to help me spread the word about so many awesome authors as I do my reviews, shoutouts,sharing, and author features!! Mostly I’d like to thank all the great authors that take the time to write the amazing books we read each day!!

  5. Margaret Sholders

    My Shout Out isn’t about a book or author. Mine is about a dear friend who is a cancer survivor. She is an artist and started an art class for other people with cancer or survivors. They used to meet in a small room at the hospital. The hospital decided her class was so popular they gave most of one of their office buildings to her. They surprised her with it in a special ceremony and also named it after her. Her friends come every week, look after her and each other. They enter art shows and win prizes. Her name is Mary Sears and she is an angel on Earth! I’m proud to be one of her friends.

  6. barb hoffarth

    I have been several books a week. I love your new series. I just finished Lord Langley back in town. My Shout out Monday, is too my the amazing romance novelist who kept me occupied these last 4 weeks since my rotor cuff surgery and reading is about all I’m able to do so Thank you all, especially you Ms. Boyle I have read every one of your books these last couple months.

  7. Sue Schmitz

    I try to acknowledge people when I can if they do something nice for me and one friend in particular has been amazing in the last 6 months. She has gone out of her way to help me even though she is busy with her own life. I don’t believe she thinks it’s a big deal, but it has meant the world to me.

  8. Karen Reece

    I was raised to be nice to people and to go out of my way to do the “right thing”. Today people are not raised that way and it is “all me” attitude. We should go back to the days that people cared about other people. I have been having a ball re-reading Karen Hawkin’s “The McLean Curse Series”. Where each participant had to do something for the greater good so that the curse would disappear. Maybe we should try that. Doing something for the greater good instead for ourselves all the time.

  9. Lisa Hutson

    I am a huge fan of good feedback. And I always hear the same thing you did! “No one ever calls to say something good!” Isnt it a shame. But I do tell people directly too. If they do a good job. I use email a lot to spread comments, so I hope they do get where they should. I do also ‘feedback’ if its bad. But really, I try to keep it to really really bad. Customer service is so lousy so often these days.
    Good books? Lori Foster-When you Dare & Trace of Fever//Margaret Mallory-The Guardian//Katharine Ashe-Captured by a Rogue Lord//Grace Burrowes-The Heir…I could go on. I have been on a roll.I hesitate to put in bad reviews. But I will say I have only had one bad book in the last perhaps 4 months. I read a lot. The bad one is really bad. Great cover. Terrible story. Not unique. Not well written. Seriously, 6th graders could spell and grammar check this and keep busy. Unbelievably bad. Really. It is a writers first print. But that is no excuse. I read first books all the time and they are usually excellent. And if they are still asking for my $8, they need to do a better job.

  10. Lisa Hutson

    I should have specified, that terrible book is not an Elizabeth Boyle! I have Lord Langley on my tbr shelf! 🙂

  11. Adelaide Hsu

    I believe that the good should be rewarded and the bad…well should be pointed out or to warn other people…some good examples:
    1) My little sister was planning huge 18th birthday party. She is in nursing school and went to a charity hospital in the Philippines and decided to use the funds to have a birthday party with the patients of the hospital and buy them presents.
    2)In April wrote a review for Mad About the Duke on Amazon.

  12. Theresa N.

    My Shout Out Monday goes to my mechanic!

    Having used up my tax return to purchase privately owned used car, I was told by previous owners it was in need of a tune up/oil change. Thus I was in ‘scrape together’ mode (single parent here)to come up with extra cash for such. One month later with cash in hand I took it vehicle to A&M Auto.

    I was blessed with mechanics honesty! They went under the hood to do work and discovered all ‘tune up’ parts/etc in great shape. Thus they done necessary oil change ($30) and saved me the $200+ cost of tune up! I took kids out to rare movie/dinner with bit of it!

    I was sure to tell others of Alex’s honesty and recommend him to others in this area!

    Quick shout out to those who hold doors for others and to authors who offer great ‘escapes’ to us readers!

  13. Karen H

    What a great blog, I can tell you as a manager in a retail bookstore that your friend is correct, we rarely her the good. I make a point of telling managers about good employees wherever I shop.
    i don’t usually write reviews because of my line of work, but am an avid reader. I do handsell my favorite series and love giving readers a new world to escape into.

  14. Cynthia

    I wanted to acknowledge the nurses and doctors at OHSU in Portland, Oregon. They showed compassion, support and care to my friend, her family and friends as she passed away due to complications from her illness. I will always be grateful for them for helping during a difficult time.

  15. Cynthia

    I have very much enjoyed your books, Elizabeth Boyle. You have sparked my imagination during difficult times and brought to life so many interesting characters. Captain Dashwell, Thalia Langley and Pippin are some of my favorite characters. I look forward to reading many more of your books.

    • Priest

      Shoot, who would have thuhogt that it was that easy?

  16. donna ann

    Mother was right, manners matter and you should always say “thank you” (with a smile and sincerely) when someone helps you or does something for you, even if it is “just doing the job their paid to do”. Unfortunately, in this day & age, too often the expected level of service isn’t met because it isn’t appreciated.

  17. Elizabeth

    Thank you, one and all for all these lovely comments! They have warmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes!

  18. Connie Fischer

    I’m a huge believer in letting an employer know when an employee goes out of their way to do the right thing. Little things like that can mean so very much to someone who may be struggling is their job and feels unappreciated. Too often people tend to only criticize. So, folks, when someone out there brightens your day, let them and their employer know how much you appreciate it. It will make everyone – even you – feel good!

    Connie Fischer

  19. Jennifer B. Schantz

    My Shout Out is to all you hardworking romance authors. It’s difficult enough to try to continue writing the wonderful books you do. I’m not a writer, but am am a reader. I love to read your books and with Facebook, I can keep current with all of your new titles. So when I’m at Barnes and Noble or Borders and come across your new books, it’s like seeing a friend.
    The only one unhappy is my pocketbook.

  20. Patricia Kennedy

    I used to work Retail and I loved helping people. I love it when someone goes out of their way to help you. I give kudos to those who are great. But you do get those who don’t just a darn about anyone, but them selfs.

  21. nikki hill

    i would like to comment on the kindness of the editors of “The Irish Times”…i am currently writing a novella and am trying to get everything as current and correct as i possibly can. since i can’t get a subsciption and prefer the actual paper than reading it online i offered to send them some money in exchange for a few copies of the paper. they graciously sent me a weeks worth of their newspaper at no cost to me and wished me well on my work. they also said that anything else i need short of a free trip to Ireland that they will supply me.that is great customer service as well as international goodwill 🙂

  22. Amy Conley

    My shout out goes to a comapny who makes water slides for kids. I bought one last summer, as soon as we hooked it up, it blew. I called the company and they sent us another one. We hooked it up a couple weeks ago, it blew as soon as the water was turned on. I called them a couple of days ago and and they are replacing the original water slide with something new they have. They were very apologetic and were eager to make me happy. I told them they have the BEST customer service of ANY company I’ve ever dealt with and thanked them.

  23. melissa cahall

    well i really like the check out guy at the borders near me even when i dont have a coupon or anything he always gives me a decount and no he is not flirting with me my hubby comes with and i still get the discount but then again he could be flirting with him……

  24. Julie-ann Ford

    I am totally in awe of all writers because they have the talent, imagination and fortitude to complete such wonderful books. I especially love historical romances. I would truly love to become a proofreader or some such so that I can read more books than I can afford. I read 4 or 5 books a week and totally enjoy them without missing a plot, point or story. THANK YOU for your talent and for sharing it with me.

  25. Melissa Porter

    I would like to say thank you to people that actually smile or say good morning to others. That smile can go a long way.
    I love your books.
    I just picked up Lord Langley Is Backk in Town. I am loving it so far.
    thanks for the contest

  26. Melissa Porter

    Oh can not forget the Authors who give us our wonderful books to read. It is like a door to a whole new world. Yes I get lost into my books and forget what is going on around me at times.

  27. Kay Jacobs

    I used to be puzzled because no matter where I went or what I was wearing, people thought I worked there. I would be asked where this was or that was and if I knew the place well enough, I would try to help direct them. I finally realized it was because I smiled and was friendly so people assumed I had to be getting paid because who is nice? After I realized how short on thanks we seem to be I made it a goal to thank others. I was shocked at the response. One person immediately started crying and said in 25 years of kids work they had NEVER been thanked. Wow. I try harder now because it means more than we know.

  28. Betsy

    Here’s to my daughter’s aides, especially Caitlin, who gently educates the 6th grade teachers that just because my daughter often seems typical, that “stubbornness” and “difficulty socializing” are part of her autism. And here’s to my daughter’s 6th grade teachers, who gently educate me that my girl is so creative and so compassionate that she can go far.

  29. Cynthia

    I have finished reading the first book in the Deadly Sins series by Kathryn Caskie. I really enjoyed To Sin with A Stranger and am looking forward to reading the second and third books in the series.



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