My husband asked me last week what I liked best about having my Brazen books back out. And the answer was immediate and easy: Because it gives me the chance to tell the story how my first book came to be published. It actually gives me a chance to tell the world what a thoughtful, wonderful man I married.

If you’ve never heard me tell the story and you want a good reason to get a little weepy and romantic on a Monday, there you need to read My Favorite Hero. Then once you’ve read the story, come back here and tell me: Who is hero worthy in your life?

And then you are entered in this week’s drawing for an autographed copy of one of Julia Quinn‘s book, an autographed copy from my backlist, and some fun author swag to fill out the package.

The Rules (’cause apparently we have to have these):

1) Leave a comment below and let me know who you think is hero worthy in your life:


2) Tweet the following: Find out who is Hero Worthy from @ElizBoyle’s Brazen Angel & enter to win a signed book by #JuliaQuinn! #contest

Do both and you are entered twice! Iโ€™ll give you all until midnight, PT, Saturday, March 10th to get your entries in.

Make sure to check back here Monday, March 13th to find out if you won. You’ll have a week to claim your prize.

Last week’s winner:
Allison Edney, who was commentor #50 and commented on March 2, 2012 at 10:52 AM. Allison, you have a week to Contact me and claim your prize.


  1. Alana

    I definitely teared up reading that story. A total hero!

    For the complete and utter hero(ine) in my life, I nominate my mom. Who not only has the irritating yet endearing habit of making me laugh when I’m crying, but also will occasionally fly across oceans when I’m horrendously stressed out and DO MY DISHES (for some reason that makes everything better…).

  2. Lory Diocampo

    This is one of the topic that usually render me speechless since can’t really put into words what I truly feel. I admit that I’m not that close with my mother since I’m a daddy’s girl but still I consider my mom as my ultimate heroine. She sacrificed a lot for us especially me since I have asthma and always attends to my needs like getting me to the hospital in the middle of the night.Following her footsteps would be the greatest milestone that I’ll ever achieve in my life.

  3. alisha woods

    Hero worthy…… my maternal grandmother. She had 11 live births and a few miscarriage. A husband who was a drunk and an abuser. Had his mistress living in the front yard in a trailer. She managed to smile through it all. Always had a smile on her face. Even after finally divorcing my grandfather when we would have family get togethers she would invite him and the ex mistress now wife to come over as well. I had have done some not so nice things to him I am afraid. In my book she is a saint.

  4. Rhiannon Rowland

    Oh that is such a wonderful story, my husband is looking at my like I am crazy, I am sitting here crying.

    My husband Harold is my hero. Simply because he has always given me confidence to do anything. I didn’t have much faith in myself when I met him and he really became my champion in everything I do. So now I know I can do anything I want to, just give it a whirl, he’ll be there to back me up or to help teach me.

  5. Cathy R

    My hero is my husband too, because he loves me and supports me in spite of me being “me”…through the good times and bad, clinical depression and OCD, he is always there for me – he is my sanity and I don’t know what I’d do without him.

  6. Betty Hamilton

    My Dad was my hero. He is a fine example of Tom Brocaw’s “The Greatest Generation”. He quit school in the 8th grade during the Great Depression to help support his family. However, I know of no-one smarter than him. He served in the military like millions of others, yet he was not the type to fight. He married his best friend and together they had 9 children. He was always a strong and positive role model for all of his children.

  7. Janell Hubbard

    My hero was my friend & ca-worker Cameron. He is the most non-judgemental person i know and always willing to help others despite his own medicial challanges. He was the one person I could tell everything to. Sadly I lost him from life 2 years ago after he failed to recover from surgery but i think of him everyday and he still inspires me.

  8. Alison

    Currently my hero is Sandra Fluke. While true she didn’t know what she was getting into when she agreed to testify at the hearing, it takes a lot of gumption to get in front of the world and stand up for the rights of not only yourself but for everyone. She has also handled the negative backlash from the right in a classy and dignified manner. If only everyone was like that young woman.

  9. Allison Edney

    What a sweet story about your hero. I have a few. First, there is my husband who is truly a genuine. Not only does he have a work ethic like no one I’ve seen, he does anything and everything for me and our children. He is the most brilliant person I know. Secondly my four year old son. He’s had it tough since his adorable sister was born (she’s 2) and now he has to share me with his classmates at school. He’s pulling through and really becoming a sweet boy with a great curiosity and imagination. Thirdly my mother, who is following her dreams at 60 after a tough divorce. She is loving and has an inner strength that inspires me. She also followed her dreams at 40. She keeps it going as she ages. Thanks for the great topic. Some of my other heroes are Ani Difranco, the Dali Llama and Ron Paul. Thanks

  10. Linda Morrison

    First, I want to say that your hero is AWESOME!!! And I want to thank him for giving you the extra time to rewrite your story, get published, and entertain me for hours with your novels.

    My hero has always been my dad, who survived WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and a family of three daughters/one son and the love of his life, until a heart attack in 2000 took him from us.

  11. Xoun Phetchamp

    Would it make me sound conceited if I said the hero of my life is me? I’ve never wanted to lean on anyone and made sure I didn’t have to. I don’t feel comfortable burdening anyone with my hardships. I took care of my own wounds and always made sure everything was okay. There are a lot of things I never thought I’d get through because I always felt alone. But whenever I start to think that, I remind myself that I can’t get up if I don’t stand on my own two feet. Anyone can try to pick me up, but if I don’t do it myself, I’ll depend on their hands and never be my own fortress. Giving up was an imagination to me because living happy was my dream. As long as I saw that goal and went towards it, I can forge through any obstacle. So, my hero is myself.

  12. Mandy

    What a beautiful story. I am lucky that I know many heroes. My parents for overcoming their families and becoming amazing people and parents. But I have to say my biggest hero is my husband. So many times he has supported me either when I was in school or at work or just by staying home with the kids. He is always there and will do whatever he can to help me out. He gives me strength to deal with all of the difficult things in my life. And most importantly he can make me laugh. Doesn’t matter how mad, sad or upset I am, he can make it all better by making me laugh.

  13. Allison Moyer

    I’m very blessed to have several heroes in my life. But, my dad deserves a special mention. He married my mother when I was five years old, and he immediately claimed me as his own. He officially adopted me, gave me his name, taught me to ride a bike and basically did all the things that a good dad does. He still spoils me. When my tea glass gets empty at dinner, he gets up and refills it for me. Because of him, I learned how a man should treat his wife, and I married a man who treats me very well. In my book, that’s a hero!

  14. Michele Stegman

    That story is absolutely amazing. All of it. From writing the whole book in 5 weeks to having your hero swoop in to fly it to NY!
    My hero is my husband who loves me unconditionally.

  15. Molly R. Moody

    I don’t have just one, but many hero’s in my life. They are the military veteran’s of the Vietnam war who answered the call from their country and fought in a war many didn’t believe in. They were reviled and spat upon when they returned but most “turned the other cheek” as the Bible says to do. Whenever I see on I always thank them and shake their hand as I think they deserve all the recognition they can get.

  16. Katie Lee

    Hero-worthy is easy. My husband is our family hero. He is a guards member and we are winding down our second deployment together (first with our daughter). It takes more strength than I can imagine to be willing and able to go overseas and leave your family behind for months/year+ at a time and all that do impress me to no end. <3

  17. Olivia Kelly

    I got so sidetracked by Terry’s awesomeness that I forgot to comment last week! ๐Ÿ˜€
    My hero is my hubby too. We’ve been together for 12 years, and he knew since he met me that I’m a voracious reader. I may have mentioned at some point that I used to write very bad, tragic poems as a teenager, but it would have been an offhand comment. About 1 1/2 years ago, I decided to try and write one of the many stories roiling around in my head. Suddenly, I’m in RWA, and my local chapter. I’m heading off to meetings, signing up for the GH, buying airfare for California, ditching him and the kids for Lady Jane’s Salon once a month! I have a whole new group of friends, & speak a different language: sprints, pantser, WIP, query.
    He has been awesome. So supportive, willing to roll with it, and tries to make sure I never have to miss a meeting or GNO with my author friends. He’s my hero! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. marie

    My hero has and will always be my mother. She was born in 1936 to parents who only had 5th grade education living in a small handbuild home with no electricity or running water in Canada. Her parents knew the importance of education and made sure all their children had the opportunity. My mom graduated from a one room schoolhouse just after her 17th bday and went to nursing school as her way out. (didnt want to work in a sardine factory like her parents). she graduated 1st in her class and was given a scholarship to come to the states where she finished her training, and was planning to go to California where it was warm but met my dad and settled in Massachusetts raising 3 children and working nights at the hospital. She loved to read and inspired all her children to read (although we all have different tastes). Unfortunately we lost mom 19yrs ago to cancer and just lost our dad last year.

  19. Lindy

    One of the heroes in my life is my mom. She has always been there for all of her five children and she was there for my dad up until the day that he died. She is a kind, smart, loving, funny, dedicated person and I am so lucky to have her as my mom and friend.

  20. priscillashay

    That is really amazing and I’m glad he did it ๐Ÿ™‚ we have all your books to read now!

  21. Donna M

    My hero was my mother. She lived a tough, hard life, and she did the best that she could for all of us kids. Despite the difficulties she went through she made sure that we were all okay.

  22. Na S.

    My father is my hero. I’ve always looked up to him and he has taught me so many meaningful things.



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