Along Comes 19

May 29, 2012 | Elizabeth's Books, Good News

Nineteen seems to be the number of the day. My 19th book, Along Came a Duke, comes out. It is also my 19th wedding anniversary. How’s that for chance?

I think of all that has passed in the last 19 years and it feels like such a long time. Getting married. Buying a house. The people we’ve lost in that time–our dear grandmothers, my husband’s father, friends and other family. The people who have arrived–our two sons, ten nieces and nephews (granted, one of them had already arrived when we married.)

And getting published. Not just one book, but nineteen of them. When I got married I was still working on my very first book, a Cavalier adventure titled, The Spanish Blade. Bits of that book, the myth of the blade and the story of a female adventurer have made cameos in my subsequent historicals, mostly as an inside joke, my own quiet nod to my apprentice years.

Nor have these 19 years been easy–challenges in writing, in my marriage (no long term marriage is always one long happy ending, if I have learned anything over these years is that an enduring marriage is work, compromise and at times, just plain not easy. Challenges come from all corners and our greatest has been our youngest son being born with autism. I usually don’t get this personal in my blog, but sometimes I find it ironic that while I write about happy endings, life and marriage isn’t always the bed of roses that we usually find a hero and heroine in at the end of a book.

But I never stop believing that it is possible. Call me a “the-glass-is-half-full” sort of gal.

Yet, despite the hills and valleys that is life, real life, I know two things today: I love what I do for a living–I struggled to be published because I love writing and I have continued through 19 books because I find the entire process and the mystery of putting words and characters together so very fun.

And secondly, nineteen years later, I still adore and love my husband. Probably more than I did the day I married him.

Here’s to 19 more. Books and years.


  1. Alisa B. Hilde

    Congrats on the book (which looks really, really good and I love the new series idea) and Congrats on the wedding anniversary. My boyfriend and I (we are in our 40’s so ‘boyfriend’ sounds weird, but whatever!) have been togerther for 19 years ourselves. He asked me out on April Fool’s Day and no, I did not think it was a joke. We’ve been through it all together ever since. 🙂

    • Elizabeth

      I met my husband on my birthday! So he was a present of sorts.

  2. Allison Edney

    Congratulations on the books and the years of marriage. I’m thankful that you were personal in this blog post. I have been married to my dear husband almost 6 years. We communicate well but it still takes work. I love a happy ending as well and when I made this commitment to my love I committed to the work of an enduring relationship. Having said that I love to read about happy endings and love. With all the troubles in the world, having two young children, financial stress, etc. It’s nice to escape to a rose-colored world that turns out happy in the end. Thanks sharing your wonderful gift with us. Congratulations again on 19!

    • Elizabeth

      That’s exactly why I write romance. My best to you and yours.

  3. Lori C.

    Congrats on 19 years of marriage & your 19th book! I’m coming up on my 20th this year & isn’t it just amazing how quickly it goes by? Here’s to 19 more years & 19 more books.

  4. Tammy Henderson

    Congrats on your 19! Both of them. I’m glad you’re honest about the hard work of marriage. Its too easy to wish that our marriages were like the books or what we think other peoples lives are like. Marriage is a character builder and the more you put in to it, the more you get out of it. I so appreciate my husband of 26 years because through the thick and the thin, and the trials and the fun we have worked to keep it together. Between that and our faith in God, we have something that is stronger than either of us by ourselves. I hope your new book does wonderfully and that your marriage does even better. God bless. Tammy

  5. Rhiannon Rowland

    Happy Anniversary to you both and happy release day as well! I am so ready to read Along Came a Duke!

  6. Karen H in NC

    What a wonderful day for you! Congratulations on anniversary, book release and book achievements.

  7. Cynthia Y.

    Congratulations on your book and 19 years of marriage. I wish you many more happy years!

  8. Kathy Burger

    Just read Along Came a Duke and can’t wait to read And the Miss ran away with the Rake……….How long do I have to wait?



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