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5 Things About: Elizabeth Boyle

I used to do these Tuesday 5 Things interviews all the time, but got out of practice. My bad! But because so many of you have asked me to continue doing them, I’m gathering them in as I write this. In the past we found out 5 Things about some of my favorite friends and authors, including Katharine Ashe, Sarah MacLean, and Laura Lee Guhrke (who like so many authors, can’t count and answered way more than 5 questions! LOL), who all agreed to take a list of crazy questions from me and give up 5 of their secrets.

In the coming weeks, I’ve got Lorraine Heath and Elizabeth Hoyt coming, along with Melissa McClone. Watch this space on Tuesdays and you may soon find your new favorite author.

So to start this off anew and to be fair, I am taking the 5 Things Challenge myself. So without further ado, 5 Things About Elizabeth Boyle.

  1. How do you pick the names of your Heroes/Heroines? This is hard to say, because so many of my heroes and heroines start as secondary characters in other books. I love naming secondary characters because I just put together a fun sounding name and don’t think twice about it–then all of a sudden I have to write a book about that person and THAT is their name. But on the other hand, when I have to name a hero or heroine out of thin air, I suffer all kinds of angst over getting the RIGHT name. So I think the first way is probably the best.
  2. Where is the strangest place a story idea came to you from? An exit sign on a freeway. It is for streets named Sedgwick, Tremont, and Clifton. All of a sudden I saw three heroes with those names and eventually wrote books using all three. Baron Sedgwick: Something About Emmaline, Lord John Tremont: This Rake of Mine; and The Earl of Clifton: How I Met My Countess.
  3. What’s your strongest/most productive writing habit? Using a playlist. I am like Pavlov’s dog–I put together a playlist for each book, and when it begins I go right into the story. It really helps when I have to put down one story to do edits or proofs on another. I queue up that playlist and I am back into that story world in the blink of an eye.
  4. If you could choose any 3 people in history to meet, who would they be? Jane Austen, Elizabeth I, and Lady Jersey. While the first two are sort of obvious choices, Lady Jersey would be my ticket to getting a voucher to Almack’s.

    I cooked for weeks after reading this book!

  5. What new to you authors are you crazy about? Jane Perrine. Her cozy hometown stories from Butternut Creek, Texas warm my heart. And Liza Palmer because her stories have this tremendous heart and depth to them. Why isn’t everyone reading her?

Go questions for me? Ask them below and I’ll answer them on future blogs! Promise.

2 comments to “5 Things About: Elizabeth Boyle”

  1. Eileen
    October 1st, 2014 at 5:16 am · Link

    love the list. I am always on the lookout for new authors and new books.

  2. joddyl.
    October 1st, 2014 at 7:21 am · Link

    I would just love to win this prize!


  1. 5 Things About: Elizabeth Boyle

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