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No Marriage of Convenience

#20thAvonRomance Countdown

Countdown to 20

I can’t believe my 20th Avon Romance, THE KNAVE OF HEARTS, is about to arrive! To celebrate this amazing run, I thought it would be fun to countdown all 20 books, starting with my first Avon Romance, NO MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE.

This book is unique in that it started out as an idea for a follow up book to Brazen trilogy which I had written for Dell Books. But when I was offered the chance to write for Avon (which had been my dream all along)No Marriage of Convenience I jumped to write for the house that published Woodiwiss and so many others that I had loved reading.

So I refashioned the idea to make it a standalone story about an entirely new set of characters. Riley Fontaine, who had originally been slated to be the long lost love child of Emma Langston, from BRAZEN ANGEL, gained a new mother and heritage, but kept her sassy, unconventional flair. She upends the life of Mason St. Clair, the Earl of Ashlin and in the process helps marry off all three of his spinster nieces.

No Marriage of Convenience
is also unique in that it is my only standalone story–so if you are looking for a read that won’t entangle or commit you to a long series–here is your story.

Order your copy of No Marriage of Convenience, or read the Excerpt.

Next up: Once Tempted

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