You all know my books too well, so I’m digging in and hoping this one is a stumper. So Who Said It?

“A few minutes ago you couldn’t wait to leave and now you want to stay?”

“That was before I killed a man,” she offered, coming up with the only excuse she could other than the truth.

“You didn’t kill anyone. You only winged him.”

“Are you sure?”


She glanced back up the stairs, where even now a tide of servants was rushing to the aid of their master. “I think his injury will be grave, for I’ve never missed before.”

Is it:
1) Harriet Hathaway and Roxley from If Wishes Were Earls
2) Olivia Sutton and Robert Danvers from Once Tempted
3) Lily D’Artiers and Webb Dryden from Brazen Heiress

I’ll post the answer tomorrow.

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