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Five Things for Friday

Once again it is Friday–funny how that happens every week–and I am back with Five Things. Just five. Nothing unmanageable, and hopefully something that brightens your day, weekend, week. At least until next Friday. *snort*


Bloom. Let’s just get straight to the thing I love most as May creeps along into June–my peonies start blooming.

A number of these plants got started in my grandmother’s yard, who got them from her mother’s yard–do you see where this is going? My garden is my connection to my family in so many ways.

I especially love the peony plant I got from my aunt’s yard. I miss her terribly, but every year I feel her close at hand when her peony begins to bloom. It also reminds me that whatever happens, come late spring those flowers will bloom–a sign of hope and certainty for the future.

What is in your garden that you hold dear?


Dinner. You know there has to be food here. Of course there is. The advantage of having all the guys home (have I mentioned I am quarantined in a house full of men?!) is that my oldest likes to cook. He’s a chip off the block and he brought home this recipe for Chicken Street Tacos. I can’t even tell you how much this has become our go to meal.

Best Tip: don’t neglect to make the sauce, because it now goes on everything around here.

Sorry no pictures. They never last long enough to photograph. But Chelsea’s site has some great photos of your next dinner.


#stepbacksaturday. What? A hashtag? This might not seem like much of a thing

, but it is. I love scrolling through all the posts on Saturdays. Yes, I know it is not a ‘Friday’ thing

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, but you can catch up today and then tomorrow will be full of new posts. Ha!

So hop over to Instagram

, where a group of bloggers including one of my faves, @kristyb_readsromance, (not following her? You should.) post stepbacks from their favorite romance novels on, well, you guessed it, Saturdays, and then ask you to figure out which book the stepback belongs to.

Recognize this one?

If anything, I love seeing all the pretty stepbacks and realized that despite how wonderful it is to download a book in an instant, we lose the beauty of a wonderfully romantic stepback!


His Majesty’s Dragon. Yes

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, dragons. In case you haven’t had your daily requirements lately, here is a fun series by Naomi Novik that follows the adventures of Temeraire and his human companion, Captain Will Laurence, as they fight in the Napoleonic wars.

Now you see why I loved it–the Regency with dragons. With dragons. It truly needed to be said twice.

And it’s a series. So more dragons. And all things Regency. And Captain Will Laurence. You see where I am going here…



Facemask. I spent a Saturday sewing these for my family and friends. (Including Nicole from last week!) This is an easy pattern and makes a good fitting mask for all the sizes in your family. When I ran out of fabric, I made more from an old shirt that I no longer wore, and if you can’t get elastic, you can make Tarn–which is yarn from an old t-shirt.

And if you are wondering–the bit of bias tape (the black thing at the top) is a sleeve where I put a twist tie from the grocery store to make the mask bendy so it would better fit to my nose.

Nothing says love like a gift that says “I want you around forever.” And BTW, you are all essential to me.

Have a great weekend and week and see you–you guessed it–next Friday.



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