Friday came up too fast and I’m catching up this morning. But let’s see what I’ve got:


Celebrations. Life continues. But in the middle of this pandemic, I saw a woman coming out of the grocery store with this HUGE bouquet of balloons for a sex reveal and at first, I had this momentary panic over the risks, but then I stopped myself.Because we should be celebrate every day. In the past few months, in our own family—and probably yours—we’ve had birthdays, anniversaries, a graduation, an engagement, and babies born.

Here is my husband who, at a certain, ahem, age, decided to go back to college and get an EMBA degree. I couldn’t be prouder. And this week he graduated—via an online ceremony, but we cheered just as loud.

The photo is by my cousin, Robin L. Green—she’s a fabulous photographer, isn’t she?!

Don’t forget to celebrate however you can.


Giveaway. A handful of my books are coming out in audiobooks in the next few months, and Tantor was nice enough to give me an audiobook of One Night of Passion to give to one of you.

To enter to win an audiobook of One Night of Passion send an email to before midnight PDT, June 17, 2020.

Note: You will need an account with to access your prize.


Books. The best part of sharing books with all of you is that you all turn around and share the books you are reading and here is one Susan G. sent me (clearly she knows me!) Real Men Knit by Kwana Jackson.

A romance about a yarn shop, knitting and men?? Count me in.

I started it last night and love it. Thanks for the recommendation and keep them coming.


Pets. Also on the celebration front, this week marks a year since we got our rescue pop, Jack. You’ll see lots of pictures of him over on my Instagram page and on Facebook, because I love this goofy dog so much. Here is my favorite picture of Jack and Pi sharing their true feelings for each other.

I have to thank the Texas based rescue, Big Dog Rescue Project, who brings unwanted or dumped puppies to the Pacific Northwest and up to New Jersey, and also has adoption and foster services in Texas. Check them out and see all the good work they do.

Can I get up on my soapbox and just say, #adoptdontshop?!  Pi and Jack endorse this hashtag…when they aren’t having a moment.


Food. Or, what’s for dinner. Well, let me help with that. Here is one of my favorite, quick and easy meals—Easy One Pot Lasagna. I tend to write notes all over my recipies, and for this one, I add an extra half a cup of water to the recipe after you add the pasta—but I am also very generous with my pasta measuring. 😉 We had this just the other day, and again, no pics because, well, we ate it all. Enjoy.

See you next week! Make sure to enter to win the audiobook of One Night of Passion. Click on the link to read an excerpt.

And keep those book recs coming!




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