Here we go again! Another week and another Friday. And I am in a whirlwind.

I start off on a big adventure tomorrow—I’m helping my college son move back to Chicago. We will be driving from Seattle to Chicago, via Butte, Montana, Casper, Wyoming, and Lincoln, Nebraska, before we roll into Chicago.

You can follow along on our bubble adventures across the west and into the great midwest on my Facebook and my Instagram accounts. Wave at us if we are motoring through your neck of the woods.

And don’t worry, we have face masks and Clorox wipes I recently scored at Costco.

Please keeps us in your thoughts! And if you have any travel advice for these times, send it along! I’d love to hear about your experiences.

In the meantime, lets find Five Things to get this weekend going!


I’m going to give you homework while I’m gone. On road trips, I always take some very easy knitting—dishcloths that I use for homemade Christmas gifts. I love this pattern: Grandmother’s Favorite and invite you to knit with me.

“But, Elizabeth, I don’t know how to knit,” you say.

Never fear, here are two great videos on learning how and knitting this dishcloth. All you need are a pair of needles (ask around, a friend, your mom, your grandmother or neighbor will have a pair to loan you) and some kitchen cotton, like this Lily Sugar n Cream.

Come on, you know you want to learn. And crocheters, I found a pattern for you here.


Since I am in a travel vein, there is a fun book coming out on Tuesday, Eighty Days to Elswhere by kc dyer. She wrote the beloved book, Finding Fraser. Eighty Days to Elsewhere is a take on Around the World in Eighty Days, but this time the heroine is drawn into a competition that will help her save her family’s bookstore. Sounds like the perfect road book.


Hashtag alert! I’ve found two really fun Romance challenges running on Instagram during August: #inspiredbookchallenge and #summerflingscavengerhunt.

Each day you’ll find fun prompts to share or discover  new books. My favorite prompt so far? Puffy Shirts. I think I know a thing or two about that:


Summer Eating. Wouldn’t be Friday without a recipe. When my garden is pumping out basil and tomatoes, I start making Pasta with with Brie, Tomatoes and Basil.

This pasta is the perfect summer dinner when you really don’t want to work to hard to put something on the table. Yummy and perfect. Thank you to Cooking with Alison for the lovely online recipe. My recipe is just a post it in my cupboard. 😉


So maybe you don’t want to knit, well, I have something else to mesmerize you. Napkin Folding. Don’t ask how much time I spent watching this video. Who knew there were so many ways to fold napkins? Amaze your family this weekend.

Here’s my table from now on:


Have a fabulous and well folded weekend.




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