Well, this is an abbreviated list of sorts—part vacation slides, part yummy recipe, and finally, a good listen.

First the roadtrip. My son and I drove 2329 miles in four days. Through Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois.

Secondly, I learned what a Derecho is. Thankfully, not up close. It traveled a few hours ahead of us, but we were very sobered by the damage we witnessed in Iowa and Illinois—trees ripped apart, flattened corn fields and semi trucks flipped over.

I then helped him move into an apartment in Chicago which is a third floor walk up in an old apartment building. Walk up as in walking up a very rickety set of old stairs. Ah, college apartments. But he’s thrilled to be back around his roommates, and we had a really fabulous trip.

Also, a huge thank you to everyone out there who is wearing a mask and doing their best to social distance. This has to be a community effort and we met a lot of people doing their best. To the places we passed through who are doing their part, you are most appreciated.


Driving over the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming and through the Bighorn National Forest. Just amazing vistas and views. Breathtaking at times.


Finally getting to see the Medicine Wheel in the Bighorn Mountains. (Hence the slight deviation from I-90 in Montana and into Wyoming).

The hike up to it was beautiful and then just the reverence of visiting a place native peoples have held sacred and visited for 1000s of years was amazing. We climbed up past meadows and looking out at the mountain tops around us, just added to the joy. Sadly we missed the bears everyone else saw and told us about, but we were followed by ravens that kepy up a lovely conversation with us.


All the laughter and stupid jokes and lame things we shared as we drove all those hours together. Ask me sometime about our new favorite driving game: Hay Corn. Inspired by the lovely state of Nebraska.


Slow-Cooker Paella. We stayed one night with my sister-in-law and her family and she had this ready when we arrived. It is so easy and so good. I can highly recommend. She also added more vegetables—broccoli and edamame, which really rounded out the entire meal. Spoon this into a bowl and enjoy!


Audiobook sale—Lorraine Heath’s delightful historical, The Earl Takes a Fancy, is on sale through Chirp for $3.99. I’ve never used Chirp, but I do like the price. And if you prefer just a good read, the Kindle version is currently $1.99. Your weekend reading or listening is all taken care of.




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