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Jun 18, 2021 | This & That

Anyone else seeing light at the end of the tunnel that has been the past year +? Yeah, me too. A huge shout out to everyone volunteering and who have dedicated their time and talents to getting shots in arms. Look out world, here I come!

I know we all aren’t there yet, so in the meantime:


I’m going to start this off with something you have to see to believe. A Lego Typewriter. I kid you not. I don’t want to even know what it would be like to step on one with bare feet. (All moms with kids will get this.)

But I have to admit, it’s really a thing of beauty and oh-so-fun and quirky. And Querty. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Photo Credit: Lego (Yes, it is made of Legos!!)


I hit the Farmer’s Market yesterday with two things in mind: the cherries are in season and the Rainiers must be in.

Winner, winner on both counts.

When I was a kid, my best friend’s grandfather had a cherry ranch and he was one of the first to plant Rainiers. Before they even came to market, I was eating way to many of them, as she’d bring bags of them home from Oregon. Oh, I love them.

And yes, I got two pounds of them. And yes, they are nearly gone. And yes, I know what happens when you eat too many cherries in one sitting.

What is your favorite fruit to come into season?


5 Things newsletter reader, Michele Stegman, loved the request for favorite books to reread, but she had a different take: What are your favorite childhood reads?

OMG! That just makes me all warm and cozy. I’ll start—anything by L.M. Montgomery, especially the Anne books and the Emily books, with The Blue Castle as my favorite book from childhood.

So break my inbox: what were your favorite childhood reads.


I have been a thrift shop, vintage shop, garage sale shopper always. I once famously wore a $9.95 cast off I got at the Goodwill to the RWA Awards Ceremony. Yes, I had to do a bunch of repair work on it, yes, I cut off the bows, but it was velvet and very pretty and while everyone bemoaned having to spend a bunch of money on a dress they would wear once, I got to be all smug. $9.95, people.

But there are also those times when you find that t-shirt that fits perfectly or is in a color you love and you want three more but can’t get them anywhere else, well…

There is hope . . . Thred Up. It is a great place to find familiar favorites and give them a new home as well as a fabulous way to move clothes you may no longer want off to a new life. It is a monster of a tag sale.

Recently, I bought t-shirts and a lovely dress for the summer from them. So thank you whoever recycled these pieces! And in return, I sent Thred UP a big box of clothes and handbags that were just wasting space in my closet.


A few years back I read the Rebel of the Sands series by Alwyn Hamilton.

I thought it was great fun and so when I spotted Tasha Suri’s Empire of Sand I was hopeful it would have similiar roots. And yes, I am happy to report, I loved it. If you are looking for a YA that is a bit different and a great adventure, give this book a try.

I already have the second book, Realm of Ash, queued up and ready to read.

There is it is. This week’s Five Things. Remember to send me your childhood favorites. Next week, I’ll start sharing the reread list I’ve been compiling from your suggestions. Believe me, this is going to take more than one Friday….

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  1. Nancy Heller

    Hi, loved your letter this week! Happiness! My favorite spring thing that I cannot wait for is rhubarb. I wait and search, and wait and find, and its gone! Next is peaches.



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