Yes, I am okay. To all of you who have sent me emails and DMs asking what’s happened, where have I gone, well…. I’m great and I’ve been living in a tent. By choice.

So . . . about mid-July we packed up about 75% of our house and put it into storage and started remodeling. Like everything around here at Chez Boyle, we do most of the things ourselves. We packed.

We did some demolition. Here is the point where my husband said, “you’ll never get all that in your car.” I did.

Then we patched things up and handed off the house to a floor refinisher, a painter and got fancy closets. The second picture is my revamped and updated office. My husband even put in USB ports in the wall plugs.

In the meantime, the husband and I glamped it up in the backyard in our tent. Yes, you can fit a king sized bed into a tent if you are of a mind to do it. And three people to help fold the mattress to get it through the flap.

And through all of this, I was WRITING. Big capital letters because I was determined to finish this book before October 1st, and just last Friday I wrote this:

Yes, there it is, my next book. It hasn’t been sold. It will probably need a bit of massaging after my beta readers get through it. But it is, done.

So, to make a long story short, I’ve been up to my neck busy, but I haven’t forgotten all of you. And thank you to everyone who wrote, concerned about my dropping off the face of the earth. I love you all!!

And it wouldn’t be Friday without Five Things. After all, I made you sit through my remodeling slide show. Snort!


I have a scene in the aforementioned book, (Did I also mention I finished? In my delirium, I might have forgotten) where the characters have a taffy pull. Of course that means googling all things saltwater taffy and taffy pulls and I came across this video on Buzzfeed that is as fascinating as it is mesmerizing. I could watch that taffy go round and round all day.

And I just found out, with more help from Google, that Salty Road Taffy is sold at a grocery store not far from my house. I shall report more once I score a box. 🙂 You do know I do these things just for all of you?


Because I am a sucker for feel good videos, I also melted all over the place over this wonderful news story about a friendship between a little boy and a 100 year old lady. I just adore them both and kudos to Mary for still living on her own at 99. She is my new favorite heroine. Watch with a tissue.


I collect stickers from all the places I go and all the products and such that I adore and stick them in my bullet journal as a sort of mementos of my year in progress. So I’m always on the lookout for new ones, and there are some amazing and pretty stickers to dress up your world at Redbubble. After I ordered recently, they sent me a coupon that gives you $15 off your first order.

There are a lot of stickers there, people. Lots of pretty ones. And looking ahead toward Christmas—yes, I said Christmas before Halloween—it might be fun to order now for stocking stuffers. You can access your coupon here.


I bought this stand for my iPad, but just recently realized it works perfectly for my bullet journal—I felt like I’d come across the coolest hack ever: I can stand my bullet journal up and open, and then type from my notes instead of bending over and squinting. Don’t you love it when something for one thing works for another?


Susanna Kearsley’s new book The Vanished Days arrives next Tuesday. I was lucky enough to read an early copy and loved it!! As always, Susanna combines this wonderful depth of history with such real, compelling characters. Don’t miss this book.

Until next week. And thank you for hanging in there for me.




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