Tomorrow (Saturday, Jan 29th) I will be taking over on Instagram for Romanced By the Book. Megan and Marielle are a dynamic duo of romance loving readers who post about books and authors and sponsor read alongs—most recently diving deep into And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake. Drop by and leave a comment, or make sure to include them in your follows.

They will also be posting a zoom interview with yours truly. Please promise not to horrified of live me. LOL.

Now let’s get to the list. We have a Friday ahead and a weekend in front of us. I hope both are wonderful.


I recently left my car lights on when I went to help out a friend. And went back outside a few hours later to find I had a dead battery. My friend was ready to call for help, but I got out my jumper cables and we got the car started with a jump from her car. Easy peasy. But I was surprised that not only did my friend not know how to jump a car, she didn’t even own jumper cables. So we went over the basics so now she knows, and let me tell you what not so fancy gift she is getting for her birthday.

When I was a teen and wanted my driver’s license, my dad required two things (well other than proficiency at driving): How to change a tire and how to jump a dead battery. Really, every driver should know how. But as women, we shouldn’t be at the mercy of just any random stranger. So this weekend, please, learn how to jump start your car and keep a set of jumper cables in the trunk.

Car battery with jumper cables, close-up.

We’ll discuss changing a tire next week.


So now that we’ve gotten our hands dirty, I offer this little bit of delightful spa wonderfulness. These Salux exfoliating washcloths are the bomb. The same friend who can now jumpstart a car gave me a set of these for my birthday last year and I wore them out. Having just ordered a new set, I realized I needed to share these with all of you.

Warning: the first few times you use these, go gently. They will really buff the skin. But oh, how lovely you feel after.


Periodically I just have to read a Georgette Heyer. Haven’t read her? Oh, a Regency universe awaits you. I’ve been slowly working my way through books for years, savoring them slowly, rereading favorites in between—looking right at you The Foundling and/or The Grand Sophy—both excellent gateway books into all things Heyer.

Don’t be fooled by the demure miss on the cover. Sophy is a riot!

This time up, I read The Quiet Gentleman, a romance/mystery about an earl who returns from years at war only to find that someone in his peaceful home wants him dead. It is more mystery than romance, but has a slow burn of a spark that brings a smile at the end. The mystery isn’t too hard to figure out, but it is Georgette Heyer, so you just love the entire journey to the end.

Have  you got a favorite Georgette Heyer novel?


So early in the pandemic, I bought a small, straggling lemon tree off the discount/dying plant shelf at Home Depot. I nursed it back to health and it grew a very large, wonderful lemon. I knew I had to do something very special with it, and so I made Lucy’s Lemon Squares.

I’ve had this recipe ever since I was a kid, from my own copy of The Peanuts Cookbook that I bought using my allowance from one of those Scholastic flyers that they used to send home from school.

So you could say, Lucy Van Pelt was the inspiration for my love of cooking. Do you have a favorite cookbook? Or just a unique sentimental favorite?


Have you watched The Expanse? This scifi thriller series is based on the James S. A. Corey books, beginning with Leviathan Wakes. I wish I’d read the books first, but now I am more curious to see how they stack against the show. We really loved watching this series (I simply adore Amos) but were disappointed that Amazon cut the final season from 10 episodes to 6 due to costs. My husband wanted to know if Amazon Prime was going to cut its streaming costs by 40% as well. Snort.

Have a great week!

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  1. Ginny

    Regarding your #1: Instead of buying jumper cables please look into buying a Halo Bolt. It is a small device that is awesome!! If you happen to connect the cables to the wrong terminals the Halo will alert you that it isn’t connected correctly and there is no damage to your battery, unlike a set of battery cables used with another vehicle. In May I also had a dead battery so got out the Halo (I needed my neighbor to secure the hood open because I couldn’t reach across the vehicle). He connected the cables to the battery, told me to turn on the ignition and my car started right up. Easy-peasy! The Halo Bolt costs more, but it also does a multitude of other things. You won’t be sorry you purchased one, believe me.



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