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Romance Retellings

The theme for the #Romancestagram hashtag over on Instagram this month is "Romance Retellings." I have to say, this is one of my favorite themes so far, both as a reader and a writer. Every month as the themes are announced, I scan to see if I have any books or...

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Who Said It?

I feel like this week I have to up my game, because you guys are rocking this #ThrowbackThursday challenge. I've dug deep this week and now it is up to you to figure out: Who Said It? "Have you any idea of the danger you could find here? Of the nature of men?” She...

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What to Read

I have been absent, and my apologies. I am deep into writing right now and settling down to write more just isn't on the agenda right now. But I took the weekend off to go to my aunt's memorial service in Idaho, so I feel ready to type again and thought I would put...

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