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Five Things for Friday

Thank you for all your notes, suggestions and glad tidings. I'm glad my suggestions from last week helped out or led you to something new. So here we go again, Five Things for Friday that you might enjoy, binge or share. Because who doesn't love something shiny and...

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I Love My Readers Giveaway

I know that everyone has challenges right now, and when a friend asked me to send a card to her dad who had just gotten out the hospital (her dad LOVES getting mail) I wondered if anyone else would love a surprise in the mail. So I asked on Twitter and FB what you...

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Romance Retellings

The theme for the #Romancestagram hashtag over on Instagram this month is "Romance Retellings." I have to say, this is one of my favorite themes so far, both as a reader and a writer. Every month as the themes are announced, I scan to see if I have any books or...

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Summer Reading

There are all kinds of ways to find authors and books, but there are two new ones out there that have me filling up my TBR, and I thought I should share with you. Because, I'm nice that way. And I like enabling other people in their bookish habits. *Cue fiendish...

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Friday Reads: Romance & An ARC Giveaway

I was on vacation recently and took a stack of books with me. As one does. My husband always cringes and asks, "How much room do you need for the books?" My answer is always the same, "Enough for all of them." He's a patient man. First Things First Before we even got...

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Win An ARC!

My dear friend, Caroline Linden, emailed with great news—she had two extra Advanced Reading Copies (ARCs) for her upcoming book, My Once and Future Duke, which will be released by Avon Books on February 27th. Best of all? Caroline asked me to give them away to two of...

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