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Five Things for Friday

Part of me wonders–do I post this sort of trivial list when the world is on the fire?–because I don’t want anyone to think I am not scared spitless about the state of things right now. Especially since I’ve been reading a lot of WW1 history lately and the parallels are like blinking billboards with spotlights. But perhaps five things that touch the normal, that place we can all agree upon, are also necessary. The more we can reach out and all find common ground, maybe we can see our differences without the harsh rhetoric.


Here a pic of the TBR that is in my office. I’ll share pics of the other TBRs *snort* scattered around my house another time. As you can see I am an eclectic reader. Currently I am reading research books as I move into my next project but I keep looking longingly at these books and trying to decide which to read first. Share a picture of your TBR and I’ll pick some to share in the weeks ahead.


I have a salad nearly every day for lunch. I just like making sure I get all those veggies and such in. And this battered copy of Salads by Sue Quinn shows all the evidence of how much it is well loved and well used. I haven’t got a favorite recipe (though I love the dressings in the back) but rather I use the book as a jumping off place for ingredients I have on hand and then go from there. Do you have a favorite salad recipe book?


I asked a while ago about your favorite childhood reads and Geraldine shared the following:

“I loved going the library as a child and teen. When I got old enough to ride my bicycle

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, I’d spend the day. For Christmas, our parents would include a stack of books (from the used book store) on the fireplace hearth – books for all ages and interests.”

Sound familiar? We were too far out in the country to ride our bikes to the library, but my mom would take us every week, and later, when I was in high school, I worked afternoons and evenings shelving books at our local library. Libraries are a haven and books a treasure.

Geraldine’s favorites:

1. “Alfred Hitchcock and The Three Investigators” series, initially written by Robert Arthur – interestingly, decades later, when I met my now husband, I discovered those were his favorite books as well!
2. The Black Stallion Series
3. The Chronicles of Narnia
4. Anne of Green Gables series – I bought my first book at a bookstore on Prince Edward Island, in 1973 (EB jumping in here: I am so jealous!! PEI is on my bucket list of places to go)
5. The Wizard of Oz series – as an adult, I moved to central NY state – and now live about 20 miles from Chittenango – the birth place of L. Frank Baum.

I love Geraldine’s list because so many of these were my favorites as well.


Bullet Journalers—are you out there? Here is one of my favorite creative/writer/journaler and her wonderful YouTube channel about writing and journals. Rachael Stephen offers fun videos–she’s an interesting soul and I always learn something from her

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, and if you are a writer, she does a video class on her “Story Toolkit” process that is fascinating. Sign up for it!

Photo credit: Rachael Stephen


My 90 year old mother-in-law sang the praises of Reacher on Amazon Prime, so we settled in for a binge and loved it. Warning: it is violent, but I loved the characters and the story line.

As for my MIL? She’s a diehard thriller reader, and she was adamant that this version of Lee Child’s character was SO much better than the horrible Tom Cruise version. As you might have guessed, she has opinions.

Then again, my MIL is also a huge fan of Rip on Yellowstone. Should I be worried if she offers to take me to the train station?

And finally, in my ongoing PSA about staying safe, I got this email from FTFF reader, Susan and she asked me to share this:

Hello, Elizabeth,

Thank you for your timely reminders, especially the CO tips. I’ve one to add to that. For those of us whose homes are heated with natural gas, and who live in snowy regions, it’s important to make sure that the furnace vent to outside is not blocked by snow. Sometimes we get lots of snow, and then a wee melt makes snow slides off the roof into a pile. And sometimes that pile blocks or partially blocks the vent. (Or sometimes a neighbour might shovel their walkway and inadvertently make a pile that can block the vent.) Same goes for the dryer vent.
I’m in Toronto, Ontario. Lots of snow here right now, and more expected.
All the best, Susan C.

I really love how much you all want to take care of each other. It warms my heart and gives me hope in such bleak times. Please, continue to send out the love and hope.

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