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Three Reasons to Love Portland

After a week in Portland and my second visit down there this year, can I just say, I love Portland? I’ve gone back and forth for years on my own, for booksignings, PLA, reader’s conferences and the wonderful luncheon the Rose City Romance chapter puts on each spring. This time I took the family. And once again, Portland stole my heart. While I’ve gone on in the past about the great food, the accessibility, let me share three more reasons to go there:

1) They don’t call it the Rose City for nothing. And last week the roses were in bloom. Everywhere. It was just heavenly and lovely.

2) This is a city with lots to do, especially when you have kids. From the zoo, to OMSI, to the walkway that runs along the river, to just riding the Tri-Met train, there is plenty to do with kids. And Portland is a very walkable city–at one time or another we all took long walks along the river, through the downtown streets and around the neighborhood where we stayed. If walking isn’t your cup of tea, the kids loved this–the aerial tram that runs from one part of a hospital to another up on a hill. So we jumped on for a ride and a spectacular view. Word of warning, if you don’t like heights, don’t get on. Yikes.

3) Powells. I’ve always loved this place, and I took my book loving eleven year old there, just because that was all he wanted to see in Portland. And when we went into the cafe, he said, “Hey, mom, there you are!” I thought I was going to find one of those unflattering security camera monitors where you get to see yourself from above–shudder–but no, there was the cover for How I Met My Countess larger than life and right where everyone was going to see it when they came into the cafe for a latte. Oh, Powells, I “heart” you as well.

So tell me, what is your favorite city to visit and why?

2 comments to “Three Reasons to Love Portland”

  1. Diane O.
    June 30th, 2010 at 3:26 pm · Link

    London has been my favorite city since 1994 when I lived there for three years. Remember when you and Wanda visited? I love browsing through the bookstores on Charing Cross Road. I love that I went to my favorite bookstore on Charing Cross Road — and there was Elizabeth Boyle’s first book staring up at me. I was sooo excited that I paid double the cover price for it, rather than wait for my Mom to send it to me (the exchange rate made the cost double). But I love it for the museums, theaters, London Walks tours, the markets, high tea at Harrods, the vitality and the diversity. I love that I can go to Bath and walk in the steps of Jane Austen, or go to Yorkshire and experience a Gothic atmosphere, or to the Lake District and walk in the steps of Beatrix Potter.

    When I was at postings within a reasonable distance from London I went every year — I even spent a few days there when I was transiting London to Islamabad. With luck it will be my final posting before retirement.

  2. terri
    June 30th, 2010 at 8:08 pm · Link

    I also love Portland. I live only 15 miles out-of-town but do not get into the city often. It’s always a treat and my sister is in town for Ohio so we are doing lots of Portland things. 🙂 I actually like where I live because it’s only a short jaunt south to Silverton and the Oregon Garden and Woodburn Company Stores.

    I was in Powell’s today and saw you and a few of my author friends on shelves in the cafe. It’s great they’ve expanded their romance section! I think the Cafe is the perfect place too.

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