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Q & A

As I wrote last Saturday, I made a plea to my fans over on Facebook that the well had gone dry on what to talk about over here on my blog, and they in turn offered up a bucket load of questions. Here is what I have plucked out today from this treasure quest of “I want to knows.”

Today’s questions are courtesy of: Erica Lynn Thrasher and Janelle Wilbanks.

Erica asked:

Do you find that you have time for social life when a deadline is approaching?

A social life? What exactly is that? To be honest, I’ve taken two days off from work this year. My birthday and to go see Harry Potter the other Friday. Pathetic, huh? Deadlines just find me really focused and everything falls to the wayside.

Deadline or not, I really don’t have much of a social life–save for writing related events–which I do enjoy. I truly love hanging out with my family and a tight, close circle of friends who are very dear to me. And while I adore traveling–love seeing new sights and sounds–about four days into the adventure, I start counting the days until I can be in my own bed.

Do you find you can write easier on certain days than you can on others?

Absolutely. Last week, I had an awful day of writing–couldn’t put two sentences together, doubted every scene I had in the book, couldn’t see the forest through the trees. Was ready to chuck the entire book. The next day, I sat down and all the things I had fretted over the previous day were still valid, but I could see solutions and was able to use that down day to make some good, solid revisions to the story that only made it stronger. Writing is a day by day process–you just have to learn to paddle through the ebbs and flow of creativity.

Janelle asked:

Do you think extraterrestrial life is possible?

Sure. Why not?

Blog Contest Winner:

Last week’s winner is blog commenter #47, Kristen s. Congratulations. Kristen, please Contact me before August 1st, with your mailing address. Thanks!

With my deadline looming, I am going to hold off on more Blog contests until September. But in the meantime, have you entered my website Contest? The drawing will be help August 31st and the prize is a new Kindle! Enter today.

2 comments to “Q & A”

  1. Janelle
    July 25th, 2011 at 9:37 am · Link

    I really think it’s awesome that you answered my question even though I was totally off the mark on what you were looking for.

    • Elizabeth
      July 25th, 2011 at 2:28 pm · Link

      Janelle, it was the spirit of your question–it made me smile.

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