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Five Things About Marcella Burnard

I have known Marcella Burnard for eons. We met when we both worked for a large software company and discovered we both were aspiring writers. We’d get together at lunch and talk writing and dream about the days when we could chuck corporate life and write full time. So fast forward to now and we both have writing careers and years of friendship between us. I was totally thrilled this spring when her first book, Enemy Within, was nominated for the RITA award in two categories: Best First Book and Best Paranormal. Tres Cool! I have to admit, I loved the book and thought the honors well deserved and richly earned.

Therefore how could I not introduce you to my friend, Marcella Burnard and the five things about her you might not know:

1. Favorite dessert – Yorkshire Red tea with maple sugar – not much of a dessert, you say? Maybe not. But I can have it every single night…

2. Most played song on your iPod Ipod? That’s tough. I don’t typically go for just one song – I tend to fixate on an artist and play entire albums or entire libraries over and over again. Nox Arcana is getting a bunch of play right now. Great atmospheric, creepy music. Perfect for twisted writer brains.

3. Secret passion (hobby, collections, sport, thrill seeking) – sailing. I’m sending this from Vancouver, BC – we’ve been cruising for two months already and are headed north for another three. (Remind me to tell you about the Great Otter Attack sometime) I’m also a cat nut. I have four and still do the occasional rescue when needed. As a result, my parents have two cats.

4. Coolest celeb you’ve ever met: Rosie O’Donnell. I was an extra on the set of Sleepless in Seattle. I was a no body at a desk in a newsroom. She strode up to me and started reading me the riot act about not having my article in on time. Once I got over the shock and recalled that I have a degree in acting, I went with it and we had fun, but I will admit to an initial burst of terror.

5. Best advice your mother/grandmother/cool funky aunt/sister/college roommate gave you about men, You may love him, but that doesn’t mean he’s the best thing for your life.

You can find out more about Marcella Burnard and her “Enemy” books at her website, marcellaburnard.com, and learn about her second book, Enemy Games, (which is currently on the top of my TBR!).

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