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Have You Met: Avon Addict Kim in Baltimore

Meet Kim, who runs the blog, SOS ALOHA Book Blog. I’ve known Kim for years–when she was actually fortunate enough to live in Hawaii. Kim describes herself as a “romance reader and a community volunteer.” Make that a one woman steamroller when it comes to getting things done, whether it is gathering books for military wives or other military causes or just seeing a need and rolling up her sleeves. Here is Kim:

1. Where is the most beautiful/romantic place you’ve ever been?tintagel Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, England, rumored to be King Arthur’s birthplace.

2. Favorite place to read? On the beach. When I lived on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, I’d drive to the North Shore for the beautiful seclusion of Turtle Bay.

3. What is the very first romance novel that you read? Cathy Maxwell’s The Marriage Contract. I found it on a shelf in the American Thrift Shop in the Netherlands.  It called to me with its blue cover and tartan sash.   At the time

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, I lived across from a castle and I enjoyed afternoon tea with the British Delegation.  It was the perfect setting for me to fall in love with Regency romance.

4. What are your top three favorite movies? Surprisingly, all three star Drew Barrymore – Ever After, Never Been Kissed, and The Wedding Singer.

5. What is the most embarrassing app or song on your phone? I would rather change this a bit and talk about the most embarrassing movie I love: Battleship. It sunk in the theaters but I love it! It was filmed in Hawaii and pays tribute to military, past and present. In fact, the cast includes a wounded warrior and old salts (retired sailors). The story is a coming of age for a slacker – an alien invasion gives him the opportunity to make a difference. I believe the film is named for the Battleship USS Missouri – a floating museum in Pearl Harbor. But the producer includes a scene that recognizes the Hasbro game, Battleship.

This is what I adore about Kim: she’ll start off in ancient Cornwall and end the conversation with an epic battle against aliens. Yeah, she’s that kind of gal. LOL.

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One comment to “Have You Met: Avon Addict Kim in Baltimore”

  1. Mary Gramlich
    October 23rd, 2014 at 3:17 am · Link

    Everything about Kim is fabulous and her love of Battleship always makes me smile.


  1. Have You Met: Avon Addict Kim in Baltimore

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