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Friday Reads: Read and TBR

This week I finally got the time to sit down and read. My reading time is so precious, and I don’t get enough of it. Sadly, I hear this lament from many writers. But no complaints this week, because I scored the perfect book.


Susanna Kearsley’s new book, Bellewether, is all that and more. It helped that I was in Canada last week and was able to pick up a hard copy of the book–Sorry, US readers, our edition doesn’t come out until August 7th.

US Edition, August 2018

I’ve come to the realization that I am not an ebook person. I just can’t get into a book on a screen. I really need to have pages, and print, and paper. So I was thrilled that I could get an “early” edition by crossing the border. Shout out to Chapters in Victoria, BC!

I will freely admit that I love Susanna’s books, (OK, adore them immensely) and Bellewether is no exception. I love the way Susanna builds a slow burn of a romance. Oh, and she makes me horribly jealous at how she leaves the reader wondering right up until the end whether this is going to end happily. She really is that good. Even when you KNOW everything will turn out okay, you still read madly because she has you utterly convinced that it might not happen.

Canadian Edition Available Now

The historical half of Bellewether is set during the Seven Year’s War in the mid 1700s

, and I found both the time period and the setting (Long Island, NY) fascinating. And of course her characters just pulled me in. I could go into way more detail, but you know me–I hate any kind of spoilers and I want you to have a great time reading this book. So get it ordered, or if you are lucky enough to live or be in Canada, grab a copy with this lovely yellow cover.

BTW, which cover do you appear? I can’t make up my mind which one I like more.


Next up


, I hit the library, or rather the library hit me. I got an ILL book in that I’d been hunting around for: Beyond Schoolmarms and Madams: Montana Women’s Lives.

I’d seen a reference to this book and then made a request via our library’s Interlibrary Loan. When I can get my hands on books via Interlibrary loan

, it just makes my researching heart go pitter-patter. Can’t wait to see what little gems and nuggets are in this book.

But on the other hand, I saw an excerpt for Roar by Cora Carmack, recently and tagged it in my Library app to read later. Magic, power, secrets. Bad ass girl power. Right up my alley. So when I was in the library picking up the previous book, I wondered if they had Roar on hand. Which they did, to my delight and surprise.

So my reading for the rest of the weekend is set, and I am one happy girl.

What are you reading this weekend?

You know we’ll need new recommendations for the weekend after this. And the one after that. . .

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