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Five Things for Friday

Summer has finally arrived in Seattle. We never call it summer here until well after the 4th of July. But this week has been lovely and warm. And I keep hoping to catch sight of the Comet Neowise. I know


, always with my to do list.

Also, some of you emailed me about last week’s recipe for Dutch Babies with questions about the pan. The recipe calls for a paella pan, but I have to confess, I make mine with a plain old cast iron skillet. As far as I can tell, any oven safe pan should work. Saturday breakfast, anyone?

So without further ado, here is this week’s list of Five Things.


Katherine Kingsley. Have you read her? Recently I saw someone post one of her books on Instagram and it was such a blast from the past. She’s one of those early romance writers who rose to fame in the 80s and early 90s and I LOVED her books. I was so inspired by them. I wanted to write these big, romantic books just like she did.

Not long after I sold my first book to Dell

, I ended up seated next to her at a dinner. She was everything I thought she would be–amazing, interesting and just an outright character. She was an enchanting as her books.

So, what author got you hooked on romance novels, and have you met them?


Granchester. I love British shows–but British mystery series are really, really, my jam. I had watched the first few years of Granchester with the dashing cleric, Sidney Chambers, and then recently–like last week–found two new seasons. I’ve been streaming it from PBS. A little history. A little mystery.

I also have a thing for Foyle’s War . . . and . . .


I came to the end of a writing journal the other day. It is completely filled with my chicken scratched notes and scenes and a to do list (of course). And I went to get another one out of the closet and realized I was out of notebooks. What? Panicked, I had that moment of “what if I can’t get these any more?”

These being, the 8″ x 10″ Eccolo World Traveler Journals. I love these journals. The paper holds up. The notebook holds up. Here’s the one I just filled– it looks like its been through hell and back and still it is intact. And much loved.

Best journals ever. And happily

, still available. So I ordered a bunch more. ‘Cause I got stories to write.


It’s summer so that means the grill is on. Honestly, in Seattle, we grill year round, but summer grilling is my favorite. Less rain. And plenty of fresh corn on the cob. So when find good, fresh corn, and I know we will be grilling that night, I throw it on the grill just like this.


I have two quotes on post-its that are on my computer that I read every morning before I start to write and they are:

Make a simple but profound change.


Morning after morning he opens my ear that I may hear. ~Isiah 50:4

I hope in this coming week you hear the words that guide you

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, and that you find an opportunity  to reach for change.

Until next Friday,


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