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Five Things for Friday

Wow! Fridays come so fast. At least this week it did. What are you up to this weekend? Or better yet, what are you reading? More on that below in this week’s Five Things:


Do you rewatch movies, like over and over? I found myself watching Captain Marvel again this week, and not long after I put it on, suddenly the entire household had gathered and we curled up and watched it.

I can’t even count how many times we’ve done this.

Why this one? I like the theme of self discovery and the power within that others can keep locked away—if you let them.

It got me thinking about the movies/tv series I turn to when I just need to be in the familiar, hear a message that resonates and I guess I am not alone in this. So I want to know, what are your favorite movies to watch over and over?


My agent asked me to find “comps” for the book that I’m finishing up. Comps are books that have the same feel, audience, or would be shelved in the same spot. Sigh, I have to go find more books.

Note: that was sarcastic, as if you didn’t know. I love finding new books.

But my search led me to NoveList – a database that is like speed dating for finding books. I accessed this through my public library since it is subscription based.

Having this sort of access makes my public library the unsung hero of finding all the things. Just dig around your library’s website or ask a librarian if they have NoveList.

What book did I find? Jojo Moyes

, The Giver of Stars.

Now I have to read it, which is one of the hardships of being a writer. Again with the sarcasm. LOL.


Speaking of treats, when I was a kid, the lunch ladies would make these Chocolate and Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies and I thought they were heavenly. I have to admit

buy kamagra

, I still love them.

Besides being super easy, they are a quick and easy treat. Also, when you make them at home, they come with no lunchroom drama of having to find a spot in a crowded cafeteria full of mean girls. 😉


So last week I had this handy diagram for writing book reviews—which a number of you do already and some of you wrote me and said you were going to give it a try—hurrah!!

Anne J wrote me and said she’s been writing reviews for a while and loves to share the books she reads. She has found that writing less is actually more—just let people know what they might like about a book you loved.

Here is her review of At the Pleasure of the Marquess by Sofie Darling.


My garden is coming alive (as are the weeds


, but that is another story) and as always, what comes in first? The Rhubarb! Which I love.

Which I also share with everyone because I have a big patch, but my favorite is making Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp—which I made last weekend for a get together with friends. This recipe is quick, easy, and delish.

I even caught my bestie putting the last serving in her fridge for her Sunday breakfast. And since she is my BFF, I didn’t blame her in the least for sneaking it.

I will add, I never peel my rhubarb, but that’s up to you. Though sometimes it just peels itself. LOL.

BTW, can I say, having a bunch of fully vaccinated friends is the best thing ever. I had nearly forgotten how wonderful it is to gather, share good food, and just laugh. Get vaccinated so you can spread the joy and not Covid.

Have a great weekend and feel free to send this post along to friends and family. After all, sharing is what we do here. And if you haven’t yet, sign up for my newsletter at the top right hand side of the page–that way you will never miss a Five Things For Friday.

2 comments to “Five Things for Friday”

  1. Nancy Heller
    May 21st, 2021 at 4:00 am · Link

    Thanks for the rhubarb recipe! I am always looking for a good one and I will share one with you. Its at ‘A Ranch Mom’ and its called French Rhubarb Pie Recipe. Its easy(frozen pie crust) and I added strawberries…and different. I usually go with the crisp.
    Hope you are well and happy.
    Sending a huge hug for your amazing talent!

    • Elizabeth
      May 27th, 2021 at 2:28 pm · Link

      Always good to find another recipe for rhubarb! My crop always runneth over. 😉

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