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Five Things for Friday

Yes, I know it has been two months since I dropped by. I’ve been busy with getting the new book polished up for submission and then I caught Covid. Thankfully I am fully vaxxed and double boosted so it wasn’t too bad, but it still knocked me back for two weeks with really staggering fatigue. But now I am all recovered, ready for new adventures and have collected Five Things I’ve been dying to share with you. Enjoy.


Laine and Meg of Plot Trysts always make me laugh. Full disclosure: they’ve reviewed and discussed a number of my books, which you can find on this handy dandy episode guide. Of you can give all the episodes a listen-I’m telling you, these two are delightful fun.

You can find their podcast on Apple or wherever you download your favorites to give them a listen, as well as on Instagram.


The Offer on Paramount Plus. This limited series about the making of The Godfather, is wonderful—I loved it. I liked seeing the juxtaposition of creativity and business and just the wonder of making movies.

But I also have to also say, I had never seen the movie. Nope. Never watched The Godfather. Ever. And yet I loved the series.

So after watching all 10 episodes

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, we popped the corn and sat down for 3 hours of Brando making magic. Amazing film, and knowing some the behind the scenes made it even more entertaining. You can also see The Offer via Amazon Prime.


You know I love Georgette Heyer, so recently I treated myself to yet another one of her engaging romances. Discovering Heyer is like finding a treasure trove that you hoard for rainy days. Well, we’ve had our fair share in Seattle this spring, so I read Black Sheep.

Like any good Georgette Heyer, the characters steal your heart and the ending is so perfect and so romantic. I adored it.


I have to share this: my new, absolute favorite dinner, this Cooking Light Ginger-Soy Chicken Thighs with Scallion Rice. First of all, you want to lick the pan so you get all of it. And secondly, you are going to say: But Elizabeth, where am I going to find Ginger Preserves? Don’t send your husband to the store to find them as I did (poor man), just order them online. Or you can sub in Apricot Preserves.

Photo Credit: John Autry


Frog Frenzy. No, it is not a new game. It is when I spend way too much time on Ravelry and find some whimsical baby blanket and just have to make it. Hence, Frog Frenzy. This will be headed off to my niece’s new baby when the little dickens decides to arrive.

I am such a sucker for whimsical. Watch for Owls in my near future.


Until next time


, have a great beginning to summer!

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