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Oct 10, 2007 | Adventures & Travel, TV, Movies, & Good Reads

I’ve been to quite a few conferences in my time and this past weekend at the NJ Romance Writers Put Your Heart in a Book conference, I was really, really impressed. This is a great conference. And I don’t say that lightly. This is a great conference. It would be worth skipping National to attend, because it has the added bonus of being right beside you know where. (Read my last blog if that makes no sense).

One of the great things was catching up with two of my favorite Avon friends, Julia Quinn, Kathryn Smith. Here they are showing the love and a level of class and maturity that goes without saying. The respect they show me as a fellow author and again, the love, just moves me. Okay, I’ll cut the crap. Those two are a pair of clowns and I do love them to death. Kate explained to me what exactly “camera ready make-up” means, so I didn’t turn up at my RomanceNovel.Tv interview looking like J.P. Patches. And JQ? She’s such a cool friend. Walked with me through a dark parking lot to Best Buy to get a phone charger, talked girl stuff and then waited outside the plane when we all arrived back in Seattle so we could have a last chat before we parted company. Considering she was in Row 6 and I was in Row 28—she had quite a wait. That’s a good friend.

Sophia Nash, on the other hand, was quite the minx. Not only is she imposingly gorgeous—all tall and blonde, she’s got this air of confidence that just makes you sure you are going to snort milk out your nose on tape. And to make matters more interesting, she’d dug into my past for our interview on Romance Novel Tv, and by the end of the interview had me going between laughing hysterically and blushing 10 shades of red. The funny part was sitting down to do the interview and we are both wearing black and before you know it, we are picking lint off each other and fixing our hair like a pair of monkeys. But since that is a true sign of friendship in the monkey world, that makes us good friends. Believe me, the outtakes from that interview are going to be hilarious. I’ll probably never live them down.

I also got a chance to bump into Eileen Dreyer in the bathroom. Nothing like sharing a moment with one of your favorite authors over a soap dispenser and paper towels. Next time, we will do drinks, Eileen. I promise.

Now here was the part I really loved about this conference: the booksigning. Sometimes conference signings are really a drag—because they last for two hours and after the first half an hour of the conference goers coming through, then you spend the next hour and fifteen minutes twiddling your thumbs, or in my case, happily knitting. No chance to knit at this signing. Fans from all over NJ and NY came to visit, and it was lovely to see so many kind people. Shout out to Santa and Ivanka for coming by! The line to get into the signing—I kid you not—began an hour before it opened. They had warned us about this beforehand, but quite frankly I had thought they were being overly optimistic. Not so. And why wouldn’t they line up? With Julia Quinn and Sherrilyn Kenyon signing, fans came from all over. And the readers were so lovely. I’ve never met so many kind and generous folks. So to all of you, thank you for making my trip so very memorable.

What is your favorite part of conferences? And who would be at your dream booksigning?

Coming Friday: Twenty Questions as to the very famous person I spotted in NYC!


  1. Keira Soleore

    ElizBo, I’m so excited about your author-on-author interview for RNTV. Sophia had you blushing? OK, hope they air the piece SOON! Isn’t Sophia just the most gorgeous and gracious of people? Love her! As far as outtakes go, Marisa and Maria are far too nice. They never show those to us. So you’ll have to tell us about them.

    National at Dallas was my first conference, and I was in such a happy haze that entire five days. Even now, just saying “National” makes me smile and draw in a deep breath of contentment. Those were the best consecutive five days of my life in a long, long time. And a long-winded answer to your question is: Conference is all about the people you meet. I knew no one there before I went, other than cyberly, and I met dozens and smiled and chatted and lunched and chatted…

    Dream signing…National. I had a list longer than my arm and went through only half of it. So at my dream signing, I would have enough time to meet every author I’ve ever wanted to meet, those authors wouldn’t run out of books, and I’d get a photo with each and every one of them.

  2. Haven Rich

    Hmm lets see a dream signing would have me being a snob…all my favorite authors lined up and no lines. But then I’d miss out on the wonderful thing…the in between authors. Yup, that’s my nickname for them. I love them because if my favorite author is busy, I can normally chat with someone to her side. I’ve found several authors to go into the favorite author line by visiting an “in between author”.

    I know it sounds silly, but it’s a great way to meet new authors!

    That first photo is of 3 of my top 10 authors. Trust me when I say my top ten only has one position #1 hehe.

    And right now I’m totally beaming because of my #1 author *wink*. Thank you for turning my blah day into something wonderful!

    Again, rambling..
    Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

    Ps. I ditto Keira’s (whom I met and had lunch with *smiles*) statement about the “conference” after-glow.

  3. Jennifer Y.

    I love meeting any author! I have only been to a few signings, but have appreciated talking with many different authors. I am still really nervous about meeting my favorite authors so I feel like a bumbling idiot when I talk to them, but it is always a thrill. Y’all are my rock stars! I would love to meet you someday as well.

  4. gillian

    Nationals was my first conference. How to choose? The best part was the variety! If you were tired of sessions, go to a booksigning, or hit the bar for a drink! Dig through the goodie room! People watch!

    And obviously I loved meeting you over drinks with Adele 🙂 You were very kind to sit and visit, with the Rita/GH awards only a few hours away.

  5. Elizabeth

    < >> Oh, yeah?! They are planning a huge one time only outtakes show. I just plan on wearing a bag on my head that day. 🙂

  6. LorCal

    It was great meeting you. You are a very warm kind person and I LOVE your books.

  7. KeiraSoleore

    Don’t worry, Elizabeth. I’ll be sure to come here and tell you *all* about the outtakes video. BTW, I didn’t know about the outtakes. So thanks a ton! I’m looking forward to them. 😉 😉

  8. Ivka

    Meeting Elizabeth at NJRW was my high light of the day. What a wonderful lady you are Elizabeth.Thank you!

    I love that picture we look great!

    Did you finish that mitten?

  9. Elizabeth

    Ivka, it was such a thrill to finally meet you. I know we’ve written back and forth over the years and I loved meeting you and your daughter. And yes, I did finish the mitten, but it turned out HUGE. Back to the drawing board.



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