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Catching Up

Dear heavens, where did January go? I hope the rest of the year doesn’t disappear like that. I’ve got a lot to do. And I am sure you do as well.

Let’s get down to business right away. Contest winners. There will eight lucky winners in the next eight weeks, so make sure you have entered over on the Contest page. It’s very simple, and you only have to enter once to be eligible for the entire run of the contest. But you can’t win if you don’t enter. Not very original, but very true.

And if you like second chances or just like winning, make sure you “Like” my author page over on Facebook. I just ran a fun contest and poll to help me find a name for my new heroine’s dog. And wow! What a great response from all my wonderful friends there. It was really hard to whittle the names down to just four, and then pick one for the book. And while the votes went overwhelmingly to Finbar, I may or may not use that name. I have my reasons and I think it adds a fun twist to the story. Can’t say anymore!

But I found the polling feature so much fun, I will probably do more polls/contests there on a regular basis, so make sure you are part of the festivities by hitting that all important LIKE button. Again, you can’t win if you aren’t part of the party.

Whew! Caught up. For now. And I promise more soon. I think next time we should take Regency. It’s the 200th anniversary after all!

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