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One Busy Week

Bracing myself for the week ahead. Three events, four if you count that this morning, Lord Langley goes on sale! Huzzah! Hurray! Yee-hah! I think that covers it.

Since I am usually a stay at home mom who has been known to drive through carpool pick up wearing her slippers, being trussed up, er, dressed up for three events (one of them in front of a live stream internet audience) is rather daunting. But I will survive if only because A) I get to meet so many of you, and 2) I’m hanging with my good peeps, Julia Quinn and Stefanie Sloane.

Here are the particulars:

Tonight: Booksigning & Launch Party at Third Place Books, Lake Forest Park, Wa. Think lots of chocolate, celebration and good times. At least that is what is on the schedule. I’m in charge of getting the cake there in one piece. I make no promises on that! And if a piece is missing when I arrive, I chalk that up to nerves.

Friday, June 3rd: Romance Live! Powell’s Books, Beaverton, Or and LIVE! via the internet. So this open to everyone. I mean, everyone. Like from the North Pole to the South Pole and all points between. Which if I start thinking about that too much, I may just pass out in the middle of it. So if you would like to see Julia Quinn have to call 911 as I suffer a full on panic attack, tune in. But truly, you can tune in, ask us questions, and even order a signed book personalized just for you.

(I think my cousin is coming to this, so if you see a tall, handsome looking guy in the back, ask him if he is related to me. That ought to freak him out. He’ll think all my readers are clairvoyant.)

Sunday, June 5th, Booksigning, Barnes & Noble, Silverdale, Wa. Love going across the Sound and seeing all my friends across the water. Really is more fun than work.

All the details for these events and more, can be found on my Events page.

So if you are anywhere on the planet, you can attend one of these three events. No excuses. Save if you are squeamish about seeing an author panic. Or Julia puts peer pressure on me to read aloud from my book. I’m not saying it will get ugly, but believe me, she’ll only make that mistake once. LOL.

3 comments to “One Busy Week”

  1. Kati R
    May 31st, 2011 at 10:20 am · Link

    I’ll be attending the Romance Live Event. Hopefully it won’t cut out like the feed from RT.

  2. terri patrick
    May 31st, 2011 at 8:15 pm · Link

    I’m sorry to miss you two in OR, and I’ll be out of range of the web too. Oh well, but I was chatting about you today with my hairdresser today, a student named Lynda at Phagan’s School of Beauty in Clackamas. She loves Elizabeth Boyle’s books! And Julia Quinn! She also did an awesome job on my hair. 😀

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