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House Elves, Good & Evil

I’ve been thinking a lot about house elves of late. Mostly because my new shoes, the ones that were so much trouble to find and order and that I love so much keep disappearing. I can find one shoe, but not the other. And then the next day, the other one magically appears so I can wear them both, until the next day, when this is what I will find:

One shoe. Go figure. The other has once again wandered off. I suspect evil House Elves.

On another the front, the good House Elves have been laboring over my website of late, adding new features, sprucing up the corners (or in this case, the footers)

and giving ElizabethBoyle.com all kinds of new functionality. At least that is what the elves call it.

I just call it some fun new ways to ‘splore around and discover new books, news, or things you might not have known about yours truly. Scroll down to the bottom of most pages, and you’ll find one of these fancy footers offering you all kinds of places to go. Sort of like the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, pointing his finger in every direction imaginable.

The other fun feature is the Extras page. Here you will find, well, Extras.

Apparently House Elves LOVE Extras, so they’ve stocked them all in one convenient place where you can find bookmarks, links, videos, Family Trees, and how to get other goodies directly from me.

Say if you have a Reader’s Group and want to surprise them with bookmarks or are hosting a library event or other reader function–the house elves have all the Extras and Freebies in one spot. Those smart little elves wanted to make sure you knew that I would be there to help any way I can! However, I have discovered that their union doesn’t allow them to actually pack the boxes and mail them, but lucky for you, I am more than happy to do that.

You’ll also find lots of new sidebars that link to my Blog, (The House Elves have linked them to the posts that are relevant to those pages), to Facebook and to my Twitter feed. Like I said, these are the good House Elves, and they truly are genius.

The other thing they uncovered and loved and brought to the forefront, are the Footnotes I’ve written about some of my older books. These are behind the scenes looks into these stories and how they were inspired and written. You’ll find I have some catching up to do, but that gives me something to pull together over the next year and something for the House Elves to look forward to posting.

Happy Surfing! I suggest starting Here. And if you find my other shoe, please let me know.

One comment to “House Elves, Good & Evil”

  1. Sarie Grobler
    June 13th, 2011 at 1:21 am · Link

    The last book I read was “Goodnight Tweetheart” by Teresa Medeiros and it was absolutely amazing. I just could not put it down and stayed up until the wee hours of the night to finish it. I absolutely loved it! #SOM


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