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Whirlwind Trip

Whipped down to Los Angeles last week for a whirlwind Reader’s Tea at the Huntington Beach Library. No one ever has to prod me very hard to fly down to Southern California–I really love it down there. Blue skies, palm trees, blue skies. Mostly the sunshine makes me smile–as it has been in short supply around Seattle lately.

I got to my hotel rather late, but when I woke up in the morning, I opened my curtains to find a Starbucks right across the parking lot. Hurrah. Sunshine and a latte. What could be better?

Well, as it turned out, a nice long walk around Seal Beach, out onto the pier and some time spent watching surfers. All and all, a lovely free morning.

But it wasn’t all lolling about, I did have a task at hand. Speaking to a crowded room during their tea. The room was lovely, but I was utterly charmed by the table settings–the most eclectic collection of tea cups and saucers you have ever seen. Every single set different. I adored this one with the bird!

I was joined by local authors, Jennifer Loy and Lynn Scheene, both of whom I hadn’t met, but were just lovely in person and such fun speakers. I hope to get them both lined up for one of my Five Things Blogs. We took turns speaking and then signed books. I even had a Facebook fan from Alaska, who was in the area for a family birthday drop by. I love how connected our world has become.

Speaking of signed books, the bookseller, Mysterious Galaxy, brought extra stock for me to sign, so if you are looking for an autographed book, call their Redondo Beach shop, 310-542-6000 and ask which copies are still available.

2 comments to “Whirlwind Trip”

  1. Rhiannon Rowland
    February 20th, 2012 at 9:26 pm · Link

    Sounds like it was a nice trip for you! That is a very pretty teacup. I own one teacup and saucer and I think it is very pretty too. It has my birth month flowers on it, Lily of the Valley and is a very nice green color. I need a more sturdy cup for my morning coffee, so I have a favorite coffee cup that says ‘Life Is Great’ on it.

    • Elizabeth
      February 21st, 2012 at 3:48 pm · Link

      I have a collection of mugs, depending on the seasons–love each and every one of them! And they’ve been fun to collect.

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