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Buns & Roses Recap

Had such a blast at the Buns & Roses Tea this past weekend in Dallas! Of course any weekend that involves Cathy Maxwell, Lorraine Heath, Candis Terry, Sophie Jordan, and Kerrilyn Sparks is going to be a hoot. Here are just so fun pics from the day, so enjoy!

Texas went all out to make me feel welcome--even at the airport. LOL!

Texas went all out to make me feel welcome–even at the airport. LOL!




Lovely place settings–including autograph books for everyone to have the authors sign–which gave everyone a chance to meet, well, everyone!


Sophie “Catwoman” Jordan and Kerrilyn Sparks wearing a jacket that should be mine.



The basket I really wanted to get but Darynda Jones outbid me. I would despise her if she wasn’t so darn nice!



Former Avon Lady Rebecca Wade with the current maven of all things Avon, Cathy Maxwell.



Everyone looked so lovely and dressed up, I had to take a picture from the podium to make sure they got their moment in the spotlight.



The other side of the room was moving, hence the photo is unfocused. It has nothing to do with the photographer. I told them to hold still.



Samantha Tennant with the lovely auction quilt her mother bought for her. Oh, and me helping her hold it up for all to admire.



Jaye Wells and Cathy Maxwell behaving badly. They wouldn’t hold still either.



Becky Wade and Gwen from Fresh Fiction.



Me and my totally cool table. They are the loveliest ladies!



The lucky bidder for my Rogue poster. I was having some problems letting her take it home. Uh, mine.


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