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Five Things for Friday

5 Things For Friday

Hey there! With everything going on, I thought I would start blogging about the fun things I’ve found, read or watched over the week that I am busting to share with someone. Who doesn’t want to find new reads or something to do other than watch their sourdough starter grow? Hahaha.

So without any further ado, here is this week’s list:


 The Hamburger Bun recipe I’ve made these three times now and they are easy peasy, even if you aren’t a baker. The family stands in the kitchen and tries to convince me they would be great just straight out of the oven without any of the fixings. Yes

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, this is the hamburger you eat for the bun, not all the good stuff inside.

Psst: If you’ve run out of yeast–like I did recently–I actually found Saf Instant Yeast on Amazon and at a reasonable price, not one gouged into next week. And yes, it is a 1 pound package, but it will last a long time in the freezer, and once you make these your family will be asking for them all the time.


Belgravia – This Downtown Abbey-esque creation of Julian Fellowes begins at the infamous ball before the battle of Waterloo and then moves forward 30 years, is frothy fun. But the real reason to watch it is the amazing sets and costumes. It is available on Epix. 



3. Crush The King (Book 3 in the “Crown of Shards” series) by Jennifer Estep is finally out. I’ve read them all (start with Kill the Queen, if you are new to this series and then read Protect the Prince). Can I just say again that I loved each book? Okay, I loved them.

Honestly, what’s not to like about a series that only gets better with each book, right?


Writing – if you are an aspiring writer or a well seasoned vet, I thought is was a fabulous piece on characters

, Who Makes It Happen: Giving Your Characters Agency by Tiffany Yates Martin.

This might count as an extra, call it 4.5, but I found this bit of wisdom via Jane Friedman, writing business guru, whose various and informative newsletters are a writer’s best friend. I love the Weekly digest version–as I always find some gem there. Visit her site. Frequently.


Three Hours in Paris –  On a whim

, I bought this book last weekend and couldn’t stop reading it. Like an episode of 24 or Jack Ryan, the action doesn’t stop. The story features an American woman tasked with assassinating Adolph Hitler during a three hour visit he made to Paris. And when the entire mission goes sideways, she scrambles to stay alive and one step away from a detective who will do anything to catch her.

Settle in, get comfortable and read this.


Hope you enjoyed my list. If you don’t want to miss next week’s list, subscribe to my newsletter in the upper right hand of this site. Yes, right up there. 😉

Have a fabulous week! And if you’ve found something great you want to share–comment below. We are all in this together.



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