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Five Things for Friday

Thank you for all your notes, suggestions and glad tidings. I’m glad my suggestions from last week helped out or led you to something new. So here we go again, Five Things for Friday that you might enjoy, binge or share. Because who doesn’t love something shiny and new to brighten their day?

And if you love something here please share it around, or if  you have something to suggest, please send me a note, add a comment, help me find the lovelies in your life and I’ll add them to the list.


Liza Palmer’s Monday Newsletter. I can’t say enough how much I have come to love Monday mornings because it brings me Liza’s ray of sunshine and pithy bits of wisdom that sustain me all week. Last week’s theme of a Lost Year resonated and so did her realization about what it can mean for each of us. She wrote:

I read somewhere 2020 referred to as The Lost Year and I’ve been…thinking about that a lot. Mostly


, what about it is hooking me. Time is so precious. And I know too many people who would give anything for just one more year… even this one. What finally got me to understand what was bumping me about the whole Lost Year thing, was a connection I made to a phenomenon I’ve experienced in writing. (Read the rest here)

I highly recommend subscribing. Best part… there is always something hilarious buried in there. And on Monday mornings, who doesn’t need a good chuckle?!


Zoe’s Amazing Playlist. I was curious to watch this show–the concept a bit out there about a young woman, who after a mishap in an MRI machine, can hear the songs people sing from their hearts. After the first show–(and don’t cheat yourself, please watch to the end)–I was so hooked.

Part Glee, part all those things that we long to say, this show is wonderful. Watch.


Lorraine Heath. Anything by her. If you are looking for a new to you author, here is the writer you’ve been longing to find. Lately I did some catch up reading and read, Beyond Scandal and Desire, which I devoured. Perfect to queue up this weekend if you just need to fall in love.

Also, this is Book 1 in a series. There are 5 more books after this one just waiting for you.


Pen Pals. Lately I’ve taken to writing and mailing notes to friend. It started with a friend’s father who had a heart attack and needed some cheering up. I’ve never met him so I wrote him and thanked him for having such a lovely daughter.

Recently I got this note from a friend of my son’s–Nicole. She has Downs Syndrome and she is one of my favorite people.

And apparently she missed me as much as I’ve missed seeing her at swimming and baseball. I can’t even begin to tell you how much her time and effort meant to me. I wrote her back immediately.

So who are you missing right no? Dig out a pretty card that you’ve been saving for something special. Today’s special

, right? Now send a note to someone and tell them how much you miss them. I bet they write you back.


Grow something. It’s that time of year when I’m putting in my garden. Tomatoes. Zuchinni. Kale. Lettuce. Beans. But this year I am having the battle of the snails. I plant. They eat. I plant again. Sigh.

So my youngest and I decided to go big. We are growing an avocado. So far it is just sitting on the counter, but we have high hopes.

But isn’t that what planting a garden is? High hopes of seeing what today’s efforts yields tomorrow? I’ll keep you updated.

May your Friday be filled with hopes and dreams.


PS. And remember what Nicole says: Wash your hands and be safe. And if you don’t want to miss a single Friday list

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, subscribe to my newsletter–right up at the top right hand corner. See, there it is, easy, peasy.

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