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Five Things for Friday


My roses. First, there are the peonies, and then the roses. And the roses are glorious this year. I’ve been cutting them and giving them away and they just keep blooming.

So remember–the more you give away

, the more you bloom.

Next up: the day lilies. I can’t wait to see what they have to say this year.


We’ve been working our way through all kinds of movie series


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, but we’ve also been watching our fair share of documentaries of late. You can only watch Captain America so many times. (Just kidding, I can watch Chris Evans every day of the week). Here are two that we all watched intently: McMillions and 13th.

McMillions is a great who-done-it, looking into the McDonalds Monopoly game and how it was rigged and robbed in the 90s. Fascinating. Available on HBO.

13th is heart wrenching to watch but it gives you a very good understanding where a lot of the anger in the Black Lives Matter movement comes from. As a history major, it made me reexamine my own understanding of the Reconstruction period, the 13th Amendment and how laws have been put in place since then to feed a working prison system and how unevenly those laws have been applied. Available on Netflix.


If you have any documentaries you’d recommend, send them on to me.


#RomanceCoversAs. I know, I’m addicted to fun hashtags. But this one is as fun as it gets.

If you have a Twitter account, go follow @JackieBarbosa or just follow her weekly hashtag #RomanceCoversAs. It is absolutely stunning what she does: she takes a theme or a person and then finds romance covers to go with that picture or theme.

Here is the one that tipped me off. Recognize it? See why I love it?


Bellewether. Full disclosure

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, Susanna Kearsley is one of my dearest friends, and I absolutely love all her books, but this one has, in a funny way, had us thinking that we may be related in some distant way.

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of genealogy. My library unlocked a paywall during the pandemic and I’ve been going like gangbusters on my family history–only to discover that my ancestors were settled in the same region that Bellewether is set. We both come from lines of Royalists, who lived in the New York area and after the Revolutionary War, settled in New Brunswick. Incidentally, I’ve also found on the other side of my family tree, those who fought on the American side of things. Talk about conflicted.

If you haven’t already, do read Bellewether, it is a beautiful book of family and time.


Dinner! Of course we have to have something to try this weekend and can I recommend this Chicken Shwarma! They call for baking it, but we grilled it and it was amazing. I also made flatbread to go with it and we devoured it all. You can thank my food adventurous oldest child who loves to cook for a number of these recipes. He has no fear trying something new. We could all learn a lesson there.

As always, let me know if you have read a great book, cooked something amazing or seen something that rocked your world. Sharing it what this Friday newsletter is all about.

Have a great weekend!


Winner: The winner of the One Night of Passion audiobook giveaway was Lily C. Thank you to everyone who entered. And stay tuned–I’ll have another giveaway next week.

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