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Five Things for Friday

Into December we joyfully proceed. Yes, I am still on last week’s Joy celebration. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a new word for all of us to celebrate.

First off

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, thank you to so many of you who wrote to me to share your lists of Joy. They brought tears to my eyes and lightened my heart. Thank you so much for sharing.

And one quick reminder–don’t forget, I will be on Julia Quinn’s Instagram Live this coming Tuesday, December 8, 2pm Pacific Time. You can get the details here. Hope to see you there!

Here’s to the first Friday of December.


As I wrote last week, I am offering up a word every week to reflect upon, write about, look for in our lives. It is something as an avid journaler and writer that I do all the time. So here is this week’s offering:

Take a deep breath and approach this busy season with one word in mind: Peace. I’ve been reflecting on this word all week as demands begin to cartwheel into a whirl of must dos and have tos. This year, we can opt out of all that and enjoy the quiet beauty of the season.

Find it anyway you can. In the sparkle of Christmas lights on a dark night. In the quiet hour of the morning before the hoard in your house awakens. In the perfect holiday song that fills your heart. In filling a neighborhood Little Free Library that has been converted to a Little Free Pantry.


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, breathe, let it fill your heart.

Now, what brings you Peace?


Oh, goodness. I ADORE these Christmas Teacakes. I joked about last week’s Yule Crispers that they weren’t my favorites as a child, but I was known for parking myself in front of the Christmas cookie plate and eating every single one of these. Before dinner. My grandmother finally learned not to put these out until dessert.


Heinänuha tiedotus

, love, love these. And I usually end up baking them twice. And apparently, sooner rather than later. 😉


When I get asked about a favorite romance novel, I have lots of favs, but one of my all time favorites is As You Desire, by Connie Brockway. The opening scene in a desert tent with a drunk heroine cracks me up every time. And the hero, Harry Braxton? Be still my heart. Connie Brockway is what I like to call a smart writer–she gives you a good, chewy story, and characters with wonderful depth. If you haven’t read this oldy by goody, queue it up. You won’t regret it.


I love Star Trek. More than Star Wars. There I said it.

I don’t want to even admit how many times I’ve binged all of Deep Space Nine–marveling at the grand story arc of Captain Benjamin Sisko as he comes to discover who he is. And that is what I love most about Star Trek. It isn’t about the vast exploration

, but the uncovering of who we are at our most elemental. And their latest show, Star Trek Discovery is all about that.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch it, it might be a great time to sign up for CBS streaming for a month and watch all three seasons. Live long and prosper.


I get asked a lot about knitting from friends, friends of friends, and sometimes strangers in yarn shops. I love knitting–having done it since I was about 7 and having learned the craft from my grandmothers. Both of them passionate knitters.

So this time of year, lots of people are looking for quick gift ideas and I suggest if you are new to knitting or interested or just knit a little, you try one of these two wonderfully easy patterns from Tin Can Knits, the Barley Hat or the Maize Mitts. I’m knitting both this year for my oldest.

Here is the Barley hat and it comes in all sizes from this cutie to that hairy, six foot stranger you birthed twenty some years ago. And anyone in between.

Photo Credit: Tin Can Knits

Tin Can Knits has a wonderful catalogue of easy patterns that are written for beginners and those just looking to increase their skills. You can check out their website or their patterns on Ravelry. Happy stitching! (And while the big chains have all the knitting supplies you might need

, consider checking out your local yarn shop.)

There’s this week’s list. Have a great Friday and blessed weekend. And I’ll see you next week!

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