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Five Things for Friday


Do you like rooting for the little guy? Here is the video for you. In Penguin v. the Orcas, our hero is a plunky little penguin who finds itself being chased all over by a band of orcas, and finds a way to escape that is a delight. Enjoy.


When new shows arrive, I always get excited because I love good mystery shows but not police dramas. Shows like, Person of Interest, or The Pretender. The Equalizer, with Queen Latifah in the starring role checks all the boxes. Cool, savvy heroine? Check. Nerdy tech? Check. People in need of a someone to save the day and a unlikely heroine? Check. Check. If you get a chance

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, check it out.


Now I am huge fan of Beatriz Williams, but I absolutely loved her latest book, Her Last Flight. I’ve been reading a lot as I’ve been recuperating from surgery and this one made me glad to have to be “off my feet and reading.”

This book is a re-imagined Amelia Earhart

, that both breaks your heart but gives you a wonderful, thrilling story of early flight and finding oneself. I loved, loved, loved it. I think you will too.


Do you like Rice Krispie treats? I do. And the boys in the house? Devour them. Then I found these. These can only be described as “Decadent.” Be warned. My favorite Rice Krispie Treats. (Who knew the trick is more marshmallows. Then again

, perhaps that’s the solution to all life’s problems: more marshmallows.)

Photo Credit: Sprinkle Some Sugar


More audiobook news. Mad About the Duke is now available in audiobook for you listening lovers. And I have five download codes for some lucky Five Things readers. Send your entry in to contest@elizabethboyle.com. I’ll draw five winners next Thursday.

If you can’t wait, Mad About the Duke is available through Audiobooks and Audible.

Note: To download your prize you will need a free Audiobooks account.

See you next week for more books

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, treats and things to discover.

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