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Five Things for Friday

Welcome to Friday, and Good Friday as well


, if you celebrate Easter. Have a blessed weekend and may all your eggs be chocolate.

In the meantime, here a Five Things to start off your weekend with a smile and a bit of joy.


Have you seen these Miniature Book Nooks? I had no idea they were a thing until Susanna Kearsley starting making one and asked me order a painting for her because the maker would not ship to Canada.

Imagine me listening to her, “yes, yes, you want me to order a tiny painting for your character’s study which you are making in miniature. Sure no problem.” Then imagine me explaining to my husband when the package arrives. “Yes

, yes, this really is a THING. She didn’t prank me.” LOL.

I’ve added the paperclip so you could see how tiny the painting is. Has anyone else made one of these? If so, send me a picture I can share with everyone.


If you haven’t met Casper the talking dog and his Dad

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, now is the time. First, I thought he was the cutest dog ever because he looks so much like my dear Jack. But then I fell in love with these funny videos.

Do enjoy this compilation of Dad and Caspy, which are delightful and will make you smile. It begins with one of my favorites, Smoosh Face.


I am actually not a huge cheesecake fan, but the family likes it, so every so often I stock up on cream cheese and make this Classic Cheesecake.

My all important tip to making a cheesecake is to get one of those plastic turkey roasting bags (the sort of thing I wouldn’t be caught dead using with a turkey) however when you snug it around a springform pan to make a waterproof seal, your crust won’t get accidentally soaked in the water bath. Then your cheesecake will be better than perfect.

And my oldest’s tip is to cover it in chocolate sauce and eat it for breakfast. No judgments here.


Speaking of miniatures, I recently read this article about portrait miniatures from the Regency/Georgian era. I always consider these great finds when I spot them in museums and antique shops. When I was writing The Knave of Hearts

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, I had this one pinned to my Inspiration page.


Being laid up for eight weeks, I got a lot of reading done. (And knitting and binging on Netflix….) so I was very excited to have a new Martha Hall Kelly book arrive the other day.

I’d ordered it months ago and it just arrived on the doorstep like an Easter basket. Almost better than chocolate. Almost…

But I’ve loved the other two books in this series, Lilac Girls and Lost Roses, so I am looking forward to the stories continuing in Sunflower Sisters.

Have a lovely Easter weekend and see you next week with Five More Things.

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