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Archive for the 'Adventures & Travel' Category

If you had the choice . . .

between a Chrysler Sebrise and Ford Mustang at the rental counter (for the same price, mind you) which would you choose?  Yeah, I thought so. Man, did this ride rock.  Realize, I spend most of my days behind the wheel of a minivan, with one kid with a penchant for car sickness.  I don’t care what Febreeze or the guy at the detail shop says, there are just some odors that you can’t get out of a car. So it was an extra treat that this rockin set of wheels even smelled new.  I was completely channeling my 70s vibe, … Read more »

Is it Tuesday, Already?

Okay, I’m a little out of it.  The quick trip to Portland, combined with coming down with a fierce head cold Friday night after the signing and not sleeping at all (is there anything worse than having a great hotel room and not being able to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep because your head feels like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day balloon?) has all made me feel like I’m running late for a bus.  Or rather late for my usual Monday morning blog.

So forgive me for the Tuesday afternoon edition.  I have to kick this cold before I fly to … Read more »

Want an Autographed Copy? Order From Powells Today!

Powell’s Books in Beaverton is having their second Rose City Romance event next Friday, September 19th and I am thrilled to get to go join the crowd! If you live in the greater Portland area, please drop by, ask questions, take pictures, and get autographs . . . . oh yes, there will be lots of books.  Always a great lure–especially after reading all the comments from Monday’s Blog. I’ll be there signing Tempted by the Night, along with Samantha James signing Seduction of an Unknown Lady, my friend Terri Reed  with her book, Double Jeopardy, … Read more »

My Conference Excess is Your Gain

(Please note that this contest ended on August 25th.  But please visit my contest page to win other fun prizes!)

When you go to the RWA conference there is a ton of free stuff to pick up. Everywhere. Books, bookmarks, pens, pencils, publisher’s tchotchkes, and more books. This year I exercised due restraint, mostly because I knew the DH would be around when I was packing up and I’d have to hear the complaints of “why are you bringing that stuff home?” Okay, he’d probably call it all junk, but he’s a man and just doesn’t get it.

But quite … Read more »

I Wasn't the Only One

I’ve found myself having a hard time coming down from the conference this week. I just didn’t want the fun and energy to stop. To prolong the love, I’ve been reading everyone else’s posts about the SF RWA conference and thought I’d share them, along with extending my own posts about the conference:

My First Time – Oh, get your mind out the gutter, it wasn’t that first time. But it seemed to be a lot of folks first time at conference, including Abi at Waxcreative, Ciara Stewart (who, BTW, for someone who went for the first time and claims … Read more »

I left my heart in San Francisco, but I did bring my husband home

It is so hard to come back from conference and distill it down into one blog. Okay, sort of impossible. Because I have to admit, I’ve never had so much fun at conference as I did this past week. (Well, with the possible exception of the first NYC conference–remember Diane?) From the Yarn Crawl with Debbie Macomber and company, to the tea with John Charles, to the meetings with Waxcreative–my wonderful web team, to the workshops I gave, to having my DH come down Friday night and spend time with him, to presenting one of the RITAs. It was … Read more »

Linkage, Reminders and a Contest

I’m a little rushed this week as I get ready to go to the Romance Writers of America conference in San Francisco, so here are some quick links for all of you that I thought I would share.

If you are going to the conference, then check out these:

1) Map of the area. Niki Burnham sent me this link and it is fabulous. Click to go to the Union Square neighborhood, and then click on the link that says “Map”. You’ll get a pdf file of the neighborhood, the sort of detailed map that tells you all the … Read more »


Okay, another book is done. Pippin and Dash have their story. And I am no longer chained to my office and computer. I’ve spent the last few days blinking owlishly at the world and of course, shopping for RWA’s national conference in San Francisco next week. Shoes, a couple of new dresses, makeup, the usual stuff. I asked my editor if she stresses about going to conference and what to wear, then we laughed over it, because she actually has her work clothes, so for her the clothes aren’t the problem, but apparently getting all her shoes in the suitcase … Read more »

Travel the World with Diane

This week I’ve asked my dear friend, Diane O’Neal to blog about her life and experiences. She’s a regular reader here and posts quite often, so you might “know” her, but since she lives, what I humbly think of, a most extraordinary life, I wanted all of you to get to know her a little better. We went to Italy last week, now join me as we tour the world with Diane:

Hi, I’m Diane O’Neal and Elizabeth asked me to be a guest blogger and to tell you a little about my life. I’ve never blogged before, but I … Read more »

To Book Expo and Back

I went down to Book Expo last week. Actually, I went to Disneyland with the kids and the DH and snuck out Sunday morning to do Book Expo. Book Expo is the publishing trade show where publishers, book folks, booksellers, librarians and all sorts of book related industries come together to sell, showcase and buy the next big hottest books. I was signing at the RWA booth with my former Avon buddy, Christie Ridgway, who has a new book out this week: How to Knit a Wild Bikini. You know me. It has “knit” in the title. … Read more »

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