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Quick & Easy Holiday Gifts

I love crafting or making holiday gifts–especially all those small gifts you have to take to parties or because all of a sudden you remember you forgot a gift for someone. I think something you have made or put together yourself just means a little more than a bottle of wine you snagged on the way to a holiday party.

So here is something I am doing this year: Homemade Seasonings.

I got empty spice jars at a local wrap and container store, and then I mixed several large bathes of my favorite Taco Seasoning and a favorite Steak/Chicken Rub, and filled up the jars, made some fancy labels on my computer and voila! Easy peasy gifts.

You could also do a spiced tea mix, a mix for making spiced cider, the ideas are endless. There are tons of recipes out on the web–find the ones you think your friend’s will enjoy and off you go. If you have one you like, please post a link down in the comments–I love collecting and sharing new recipes.

The added benefit of doing spice mixes right now is that so many grocery stores have their spices on half price, making these gifts very reasonable to put together. Personally, I like to get my spices at my local health food store–they sell spices in bulk and tend to be a fraction of grocery store prices. Also, it means shopping locally which is something I try more and more to do.

Any way, have fun mixing and gifting! Don’t forget, if you have a great recipe to share–post it below.

Psst: Come Monday, I’ll be sharing my favorite candy recipes. Homemade candy tops my list for great gifts!

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