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I’ve been–for a bit–on a Fantasy reading binge. But oh, there are some great stories out there that I would be remiss in not sharing. They have everything we all love about romance, but also that wonderful reach into another world and acres of adventure. So I offer up these books as something to try if you are looking for new reads:

Crush the King

The 3rd entry in Jennifer Estep’s A Crown of Shards series, I have to admit, I loved Crush the King, the most. (But don’t get me wrong, I raved about the 2nd book, Protect the Prince here).

The series just got better and better. Loads of intrigue and adventure

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, magic and mischief. Queen Everleigh Blair of Bellona is a smart, strong and savvy heroine who survives on her wits and daring. You’ll adore her. I was lucky enough to get to read an ARC, and I’ve been busting to tell everyone I know to GO READ THIS SERIES.

Well, they are now all out, so what are you waiting for??

The Curse of Chalion

Paladin of Souls

I have a group of authors I spend my Wednesday lunch with and like most weeks, we end up talking about, you guessed it, books we are reading or books we love or just books. And a month or so back, one of them mentioned Lois McMaster Bujold–who I had to admit I had never read–and one of the authors waxing on, gushing really, over Paladin of Souls. But, she cautioned, you would most likely want to read The Curse of Chalion first.

Such a hardship. Do note the air of sarcasm to that statement.

These books are, as the kids say, the GOAT. I was in awe of the character development, so perfectly nuanced and elegant. Dive in and read both books. I just couldn’t put them down. And the best part–is the softly brewing romance in each. Sigh.

The Brazen Trilogy

Just a reminder that the Brazen books are available on KU

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, and for the time being, are on sale for $1.99. This boxed set includes, Brazen Angel, Brazen Heiress, and Brazen Temptress.The Brazen Series

If you’ve read them, why not surprise a friend and buy them a copy?! We all know folks right now who might need something fun to brighten their day, or in this case, their entire weekend. LOL

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