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Summer Romance Bingo

I love the Ripped Bodice’s annual Summer Romance Bingo! What a fun way to find new titles and authors and just, well, READ.

But I also love adding to people’s squares and TBRs, so might I suggest if you are looking for ways to fill the following squares, I’ve got you covered.

And don’t forget, Ripped Bodice will be more than happy to order you any of these titles by giving them a call, (424) 603-4776.

I’m on a Boat

Goodness, where to begin? You could start with Brazen Temptress, where Captain Maureen Hawthorne (Yes, a LADY pirate) is caught up in a traitorous plan to ruin her estranged husband. High seas high jinks ensue.
Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress
One Night of Passion finds Captain Colin Danvers run out of the Royal Navy and taking up as a privateer. But before he set sails, he attends the infamous Cyprian Ball and meets the woman who will change his life. Imagine his surprise when he rescues her off the coast of Italy. Along with another surprise…


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, if you want to see true love finally come to fruition after decades of lost chances, Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress, gives Pippin her last chance to find her heart with her long lost beloved Captain Dashwell. Bring tissue.

Secret Identity

My backlist is riddled with spies and secret identities

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, but if we are going to go for a straight out, Scarlett Pimpernell sort of alter ego secret identity, might I suggest:Brazen Heiress

Brazen Angel, my first book (which could also be used for Debut Novel), was a straight out twist on the Scarlett Pimpernell. My heroine, Sophia D’Artiers, is determined to save her jailed family in France. The only thing standing in her way is her betrothed, The Marquess of Trahern, who is hunting the elusive thief and suspected spy, the Brazen Angel. Little does Trahern know, his sickly bride to be is one and the same.

Following in her sister’s footsteps, Lily D’Artiers, agrees to pose as a French heiress to infiltrate Napoleon’s highest circles at the behest of the British government. But Lily has plans of her own and very soon finds them thwarted by the one British agent she’ll never be able to forget, Webb Dryden. (Brazen Heiress)

Title is a Pun

This Rake of Mine was featured in Writer’s Digest as a deceptive gardening book. Hint: There is very little gardening. It will also fill in nicely as yet another of my Secret Identity titles. But I happen to like the pun part. Be prepared to fall in love with Jack Tremont, rakiest of rakes. You have been warned.

Cover has a large piece of jewelry on it

How I Met My Countess
This necklace that Lucy Ellyson is wearing is too die for. And so is her hero, the Earl of Clifton. How I Met My Countess.

Debut Novel

While it works great for Secret Identity, it is also my debut novel, Brazen Angel. Here is the excerpt.

Meddling Matchmakers

The matchmaking game is on in Something About Emmaline. Baron Sedgewick has made up a wife to keep the matchmaking mothers away from his doorstep


, but someone is on to his plan and has marital plans of her own. Something About Emmaline

I have an entire series about the meddlingest meddling of all matchmakers, Felicity Langley. (To see how she got her start: Love Letters from a Duke, which in a sense will also count.) Now the Duchess of Hollindrake, she’s out to see a trio of troublesome widows married off. Start with How I Met My Countess, Mad about the Duke

, and finish with Lord Langley is Back in Town.

A Midsummer Ball

First of all, do not suggest another color for the Midsummer’s Eve Ball buntings. Lady Essex will never approve. They have always been lavender and always will be. But do plan on falling in love. Along Came a Duke.

Let the Summer Romance Bingo commence!

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