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Five Things for Friday

This week just flew by. I completely lost track of the days and now, here it is Friday. And since I am neck deep in canning peaches and pickles, (not in the same jar, I promise!) let’s get straight to it:


My husband and I finished the Second Season of The Umbrella Academy on Netflix last night. We are huge fans. I loved Season One so much, I think I’ve watched it like three times–there is so many details that are just so subtle, it really does require a second viewing.

At least, that is what I tell myself.

While I will warn you, it does have some serious violence, I watch it because I LOVE the characters. Klaus, Number Five, and Ben, steal my heart.


I picked a ton of blueberries last month and tucked them in the freezer for winter, but my family keeps sneaking a bag out so I will make the Blueberry Muffins from this book

, Muffins, but Elizabeth Alston. My copy of the book is ancient and well thumbed and I don’t think there is a bad recipe in it, but the Blueberry Muffins are to die for. And happily, there are some used copies of the book on Amazon that won’t break the bank. I think I love cookbooks almost as much as fiction.


When I was in Chicago

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, I sat down with a group of my son’s friends who all want to be writers and we talked about the process and of course the conversation turned to favorite books. When asked about mine, I never hesitate–I absolutely adore The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery.

I love all her books (Anne of Green Gables, Emily of New Moon, Jane of Lantern Hill (a lovely story if you can find a copy), but The Blue Castle is my touchstone. The book I reach for when I need a friend, a cozy romantic read.


Garlic Roasted Cherry Tomatoes If you have a bunch of cherry tomatoes or just love tomatoes

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, this has to be my favorite way to make them. I roast them and throw them on pasta with some shrimp for an easy simple dinner. We eat them right off the pan. They go on pizzas. They are just the bomb. A cherry bomb. LOL.


And thank you for the suggestions of using coffee grounds to keep the little devil snails away. It has worked like a charm and saved my zuchinni plants. Now I am overrun in zucchini. And also peppers and beans and . . .

So the other morning I went through and gave the garden a good picking, bagged up all the food and donated it to the food bank. Usually I hand out food from the garden to whatever hapless friend happens to be over and they have no choice but to leave with bags of garden produce. I also usually sneak a zuchinni in the backseat of their car as well.

But this year, with so many people out of work and in need of help, and a general lack of gatherings of friends

, I am committed to taking every bit of extra food to my local food bank. If your garden is overflowing, or you have a fruit tree that produces more than you can use, please consider donating that food to your local food bank. We all need to pull together.

Please stay healthy, safe and socially distanced. And try the Roasted Cherry Tomatoes. Really.


P.S. This post contains affiliate links.

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