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Five Things for Friday

Hello all my lovely friends! I hope your week has been full of good things and moments of joy. To everyone in the path of fires or hurricanes or storms or just struggles, I send you my best hopes for a brighter week ahead.

Also, huge hugs to all of you who wrote me about The Blue Castle (my favorite book)–those of you who have loved it as I do, and those of you who gave it try and found it delightful. Shared books are the best!!

Maybe one of these Five Things will be something you can share


, or just lighten your heart.


Refrigerator Pickles are the bomb. I had extra pickling cucumbers left and a few cucumbers from the garden (Okay, I deliberately had extra) and I hated them to go to waste. So I got out two canning jars and made these simple and easy pickles. They will last several months in the fridge, but don’t expect them to last that long if you have a household of pickle lovers.

The recipe says you can use English cucumbers, but try to find fresh pickling cukes–at the farmer’s market or a local fruit stand.

Photo credit: Evolving Table


Tyler is my son’s friend. And he said he wanted to be famous like me. After I got done laughing, I offered to put him here in my newsletter and tell you all about him.

Matthew and Tyler met in a special education preschool. Tyler has spent his entire life in a wheelchair, and Matthew is hell on wheels. LOL.

When they were little, Matthew would run circles around Tyler’s chair and Tyler would laugh hysterically. Now, with Covid and both of them at high risk, Tyler Facetimes Matthew every single night to talk about their days. Before Covid, Matthew (who has autism) wouldn’t do anything like this, but now . . . well, necessity (and Tyler) has forced him out of his comfort zone. We are so thankful for Tyler.

He and Matthew miss each other terribly and wish they were back at school or riding the bus together. But until then, Tyler, you are one of a kind and very famous at our house. And now, you are the rock star of my newsletter.

If you would like to meet Tyler:

I promise, Tyler will melt your heart.


I always think that anyone who knits or crochets knows about Ravelry, but then I will meet someone who doesn’t and I am shocked. So I want to make sure everyone knows about this wonderful place–it is Facebook for knitters, the wikipedia of knitting and crochet, and the coolest place on the internet.


You can friend me there and see what I’m knitting–I’m Elizbo.


I’ve been a huge fan of Lucifer for ages

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, and was thrilled when Netflix picked it up and continued it. And now Lucifer is back for its final season, so if you haven’t watched it, it is a great show to binge–especially if you love mysteries, romance, and one wild devil.


Now that my library has reopened for pick ups, all the books I’d been requesting during the lock down are coming in fast and furious. I started one this week that I think has all the hallmarks of being great, and bonus, there are four books in the series. So if you are looking for something new to read, give A Queen in Hiding by Sarah Kozloff a try. At least that is what I’ll be doing this weekend. Stop by my Facebook page and let me know what you are reading!

Have a great week! Drop me a note and let me know if there is something I should be posting here! And as always

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, if you know someone who might like something here, please feel send them the link or share it on your social media.



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